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    Kroskarmelloza of sodium 3402119000

    Kroskarmelloza of sodium
    Kroskarmelloza of sodium
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    Kroskarmelloza of sodium
    Kroskarmelloza of sodium
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    Croscarmellose sodium

    Croscarmellose is a chemical substance, a white or gray-white powder. Has no smell, is devoid of taste. High absorption rate. Easily soluble in water.

    How to use

    Croscarmellose sodium is used primarily as a dehydrant for internal medications (tablets, capsules, granules, dragees) ... The presence of croscarmellose in oral medications helps them dissolve faster and easier inside the body, directly entering the body.

    Types of croscarmellose sodium are designed for different groups and types of drugs. For example, croscarmellose sodium A is used for solid prescription formulations that meet disintegration requirements and tablet dissolution rate. Croscarmellose sodium EDP exists for a higher and faster disintogration than type A, also has a higher degree of swelling. The EDP type is an improved form of this substance. There is also a third type - croscarmellose sodium A - IP is an indicator for tracking the authenticity of non-GMO products.

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