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    Silikagel' is packaged a 1 kilogram 2811220000

    Silikagel' is packaged a 1 kilogram
    Silikagel' is packaged a 1 kilogram
    Silikagel' is packaged a 1 kilogram
    Silikagel' is packaged a 1 kilogram
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    Dear customers! We bring to your attention the silica gel packaged in portions in consumer packaging from 100 grams. Any packaging is available, including an insert with your logo and contacts. For purchase, please contact the sales department:

    Packaged silica gel, portioned

    Silica gel is a dried polysilicic acid gel. Solid absorbent. Chemical formula - H2 S іО3. Structural formula - О- S і - + 110-200 ᵒС. And this is a big plus in terms of low energy costs.

    At its core, silica gel is a spatial lattice of chemical composition ( nS і О2 х m Н2О). When heated, silica gel loses water, and in this state it can no longer In order for silica gel granules to regain their hygroscopicity, they must be calcined at a temperature of about +150 ᵒC.

    Silica gel production method

    Interaction of aluminum sulfate or sulfuric acid with sodium silicate solution. In this case, aluminum sulfate must contain free sulfuric acid, after which the resulting substance is washed and the resulting product is dried.

    The resulting structure is a highly porous body, formed by connecting the smallest spherical particles. In terms of chemical composition, this substance is practically the same as silicon dioxide - S іО2. < Widely used in industry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, aviation, and even beer filtration.

    In veterinary medicine - as a cat litter.

    Using silica gel at home

    Silica gel is most popular for drying shoes. Place several bags of silica gel in the shoes until they are completely dry. / span>

    Care of razor blades due to storage in the bathroom, the razor blades are dull. It is enough to put the blades in a glass with silica gel beads. If stored in this condition, razors will not absorb moisture and will not dull as a result.

    Silica gel saves even a wet phone. The order of movement: remove the battery and sim-card from the phone, and then immerse the mobile in silica gel for 8-10 hours. After this period of time, the phone will return to working condition.

    To eliminate the smell of sweat and dirt in your gym bag, just put a couple of silica gel bags in there.

    If your camera fogs up, throw a few bags of silica gel into your bag ... This will rid your camera of excess moisture.

    Due to the oxidation process, silverware tends to darken. It is enough to add a few tea bags to your cutlery and they will stop darkening.

    If your clothes match any the reason does not have time to dry (for example, it may be due to frequent business trips), then you already know what to do. Keep a few bags of silica gel with your belongings and all moisture will be perfectly absorbed.

    If you accidentally flooded a flower pot, feel free to put silica gel there.

    To prevent leaking old glass windows - put silica gel between the frames.

    Well, this advice will be useful for farmers and gardeners. It is difficult to keep seeds dry during autumn and winter. As in the previous cases, it is sufficient to simply store the seeds along with the silica gel.

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