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    Gidroksilamin is muriatic
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    Chemical formula: NH2OH • HCl Synonym: Hydroxylamine hydrochloride, Oxammonium hydrochloride International name: HYDROXYLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE CAS No: 5470-11-1 Qualification: Imp. Appearance: colorless (to slightly yellow) hygroscopic crystals Shelf life: 2 years Packing: drums, 25 kg Storage conditions: in a dry ventilated room, away from sources of ignition and oxidation Specification Molecular weight 69.49 pH 3.2 (0.2 M solution) Melting point 151 ° С (with decomp.) Content of basic substance, not less than 99% Content of iron, not more than 0.0003% Content of ammonium salt, not more than 0.1% Content of heavy metals, not more than 0, 005 Sulfates (SO4), no more than 0.005% Water, no more than 0.10% Loss on drying, no more than 0.05% Description Hydroxylamine hydrochloric acid (hydroxylamine hydrochloride) - colorless needle crystals. The reagent is highly soluble in water (45% - at 17 ° C; 66% - at 100 ° C), soluble in absolute alcohol (4.4% - at 20 ° C), insoluble in diethyl ether. Strong reducing agent, oxidizes to N2O. Hydroxylamine hydrochloric acid is poisonous. Let's well dissolve in water, ethanol and acetone, we will dissolve in alcohol, methanol, glycerol, propylene glycol; hydroxylamine hydrochloride is insoluble in cold ether. Preparation Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is prepared by reacting hydroxylamine with hydrochloric acid. Application Hydroxylamine hydrochloric acid (hydrochloride) is used • as a reducing agent in inorganic analyzes, • for titrimetric determination of formaldehyde,

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