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    A chlorhexidine of диглюконат 20% is solution 3808949000

    A chlorhexidine of диглюконат 20% is solution
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    Veterinary drugs and substances where to buy better and cheaper?

    Breeding cattle, small ruminants, rabbits, pigs and birds? Do you care about the health of your livestock and the profitability of your business? Ensure animal safety in advance!

    Quality and proven veterinary drugs are the backbone of the farming business. "The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" offers you a wide range of veterinary and pharmaceutical substances. We know everything about the properties, price and storage conditions of delicate goods: thanks to this, our customers are always satisfied with the quality of the products they receive, and are also interested in favorable shopping conditions! Now you do not need to waste time looking for basic positions and targeted medicines - the pages of the electronic catalog have everything you need for a successful animal husbandry.

    Veterinary substances: the basis of farming success

    Substances in veterinary medicine are a widely used and popular group of products. Due to their basic properties, they serve as an excellent basis for medicines and vitamins. The main advantage of this type of product is its excellent compatibility with the medicinal component, the ability to select the required concentration and the final effect.

    An animal, like a person, gets sick at the most unexpected moment and requires immediate treatment. With several veterinary substances on hand, you can always help by mixing them with the target component - an antiseptic, antibiotic, antiparasitic agent, etc. In addition, the substances will be useful for the dosage and planned feeding of animals and birds with immunostimulants or vitamins.

    " The First Ukrainian Market of Chemical Raw Materials "carries out complex supplies of veterinary raw materials in small and large batches. Our products are distinguished by a balanced bacterial composition and are easily compatible with medicines and feed. Selecting the best suppliers, we deliver you excellent products at absolutely affordable prices.

    Veterinary drugs: buy and not lose!

    You prefer to use ready-made pharmaceuticals for pets and birds? We have what you need! A large selection of veterinary products in the form of various dosage forms will allow you to accurately calculate the dosage and solve the problem of malaise.

    Unlike substances, finished drugs at the time of sale undergo the necessary clinical trials and are approved for sale by certification bodies ... Using the medicines of our store, you will provide the animals with the necessary treatment or prevention of diseases, as well as rehabilitation care.

    Many farmers are abandoning substances in favor of finished products. And this is quite justified by a number of advantages. Veterinary drugs:

    • bioavailable;
    • balanced;
    • have a clear therapeutic effect.

    Company "The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" is focused on proven suppliers of pharmaceuticals that have proven themselves in the veterinary market. Competently calculated concentrations and thoughtful composition of excipients make our products competitive on the Ukrainian market. If we are talking about a large batch, we are ready to provide you with special prices and become reliable business partners!

    What type of medicine, substance or finished product should be used on the farm - individual farmer's decision. Inexpensive complex substances will allow you to save money at the initial stage of business development, provided that they are of high quality and reliable. Finished medicines are highly effective, but they require serious financial investments.

    Veterinary product range: we have it all!

    Our portal of chemical raw materials offers you the latest and proven veterinary medicine products, from simple substances to multifunctional complex preparations. The rapid pace of development of the pharmaceutical market makes it possible to accurately select the necessary drugs, taking into account the individual needs of the animal. Expanding our assortment every day, we try to keep up with the requests of our partners and take leading positions among competitors! Here you will find everything you need, including such groups of drugs and substances as:

    oxytetracycline hydrochloride farm;


    В· piperazine adipate;

    В· enrofloxacin base;

    В· propylparaben (nipazol) farm;

    < ! - [if! supportLists] -> resorcinol farm;

    В· routine farm;

    В· streptocide farm;

    В· olaquindox; < text-indent: -18.0pt; mso-list: l2 level1 lfo2 "> flavomycin;

    polyethylene glycol-1500;

    chlorhexidine digluconate 20% solution;

    В· < font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: "Times New Roman"; "> oxytetracycline base farm;

    meso-inositol food (vitamin B8);

      nicotinamide et al.
    < p> We cooperate with developers and manufacturers of veterinary products, keep our finger on the pulse of new products and regularly replenish stocks of basic preparations for animals and birds. To buy a veterinary drug of targeted action - just enter its name in the search bar located at the top of the catalog.

    Our goal is to provide customers with comprehensive products and raw materials. Therefore, in addition to a wide range of veterinary substances and medicines, here you will find many related products for farming. The best feed additives and amino acids, simple and multifunctional fertilizers, as well as disinfectants will help you organize your business with minimal effort and time for purchasing!

    Want to buy a veterinary medicine? It's for us!

    < p> Focusing on the individual interests of clients and the stabilization of the Ukrainian economy as a whole, " The first Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials "is developing and expanding every day. Our task is to provide manufacturing enterprises, agricultural complexes and farms with quality goods. That is why here you will find products at the lowest prices from the manufacturer, without artificial wrap! Taking into account the needs of different consumers, we work with both wholesale and retail supplies. Packaged in paper or plastic containers, as well as our own vehicle fleet make the delivery of veterinary products prompt and convenient. You do not need to adjust to the schedule of the transport company: we will organize the delivery of any consignments of goods on specially equipped vehicles to anywhere in Ukraine!

    Becoming our client, you will certainly appreciate the main advantages of cooperation:

    • a huge range of veterinary and farm products;
    • loyal pricing policy, promotional offers for partners;
    • delivery, product support;
    • integrated supply;
    • fast order processing;
    • reliability.

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