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    Perhydrol for a pool 35% 2847000000

    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
    Perhydrol for a pool 35%
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    We clean the pool without chlorine!

    Owners of summer pools and ponds know how important it is to keep them clean. And the point is not only that any litter does not float in the water - you need to reliably protect it from microorganisms, which over time can turn a neat transparent pool into a real swamp. If you don't want to let this happen, perhydrol will help you, you can buy and use which you can without any difficulties.

    Types of pool water treatment

    When choosing a cleaning method, each owner has certain selection criteria :

    guaranteed to be effective.

    Nobody wants the pool water to bloom, became muddy and dirty, and insects swarmed around her. Cleaning with perhydrol will keep you from doing this. Moreover, it meets all of the above criteria.

    Purification of water with perhydrol refers to chemical methods, however, to keep the pool clean, you need to use the whole range of cleaning measures, in particular, resort to:

    В· < Times New Roman ";"> water filtration that removes large debris.

    The long-lasting result in this complex approach is shown precisely by chemical cleaning - it is impossible to use only mechanical and filtering methods, since this will not give the desired effect.

    Chlorine and perhydrol can be used as an active ingredient in chemical cleaning. Cleaning with perhydrol leaves the water clean and transparent for a long time, allowing you to enjoy pleasant, and most importantly, safe swimming in the pool.

    How perhydrol works

    The main properties of this substance are oxidation and reduction. It is thanks to them that perhydrol has an excellent sterilizing effect. Due to the high content of active oxygen, microorganisms are quickly and completely destroyed, leaving impeccable cleanliness.

    Perhydrol is used in many fields, from cosmetology and medicine to the textile industry. Using it to clean swimming pools is no longer new. So, if you are worried about where to buy perhydrol - Ukraine and its chemical industry market have long adapted to the fact that now hydrogen peroxide is needed not only for production facilities, but also for ordinary people.

    It is worth noting that although the cleaning process with perhydrol is slower than with chlorine-containing substances, it is safer for health. This water treatment still produces a chemical release, but it is quite insignificant and cannot harm either adults or children.

    Peculiarities of cleaning with perhydrol

    First of all, if you decide to use perhydrol for the pool, buy it is needed in a 30% solution - that is, in a much more concentrated form than hydrogen peroxide, which we buy in pharmacies. However, the concentration may vary slightly, but still 30% is ideal.

    Peroxide has no color, has a weak specific odor and dissolves perfectly in water.

    As for the dosage of peroxide per liter of the pool, it should be calculated based on the concentration of your solution. Perhydrol from 30 to 40% is used in a ratio of 500-700 ml per 1 ton of water. Concentration 50% and above requires adding no more than 500 ml per 1 ton of water.

    When cleaning the pool with peroxide, you must remember:

    < mso-fareast-font-family: Symbol; mso-bidi-font-family: Symbol "> using protective gloves when adding solution to water;

    cleaning time - you will not be able to use the pool for at least 12 hours;

    < the need to repeat cleaning procedures from time to time due to the continuous vital activity of microorganisms in the water.

    Benefits of using perhydrol

    Purification with hydrogen peroxide is chlorine-free, which is a huge plus. Also among the undeniable advantages are:

    availability - purification with peroxide does not require large costs and efforts in search: you can order perhydrol, the price for which will be reasonable and profitable. In our chemical market retail and wholesale purchases available;

    < 0pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: Symbol; mso-fareast-font-family: Symbol; mso-bidi-font-family: Symbol "> reliability - peroxide does an excellent job, destroying microorganisms and making the water unusually clear and clean;

    double efficiency - perhydrol eliminates even those microorganisms and organic substances that are not subject to chlorine, providing a result not 100, but 200%;

    В· safety - peroxide does not emit gas during oxidation and completely dissolves in water without residue. At the same time, purified water has not only excellent external characteristics - its quality after purification with perhydrol is close to drinking water;

    ease of use - perhydrol does not have a strong odor, and therefore can be safely used in any recreation area.

    The advantages of chlorine-free perhydrol cleaning are more than enough. All you need to do is purchase a solution and add it to water. Do not skimp on the cleanliness of the pool and do not be lazy to do everything in order to maintain it. The minimum effort spent by you will more than pay off in the hot season, when you can hide from the heat in cool, and most importantly - crystal clear water.

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