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    Butanol (butyl alcohol) is a colorless, slightly oily liquid with a characteristic smell of fusel oil (very, very strong "fired vodka"). Soluble in ordinary water to a limited extent. CONTACTS

    There are 4 butanol isomers:

    1 - normal or primary butyl alcohol (n-butanol) (1-butanol),

    2 - normal isobutanol (normal secondary butyl alcohol) (2-methyl-1-propanol),

    3 - secondary butyl alcohol (isobutyl alcohol) (2-butanol),

    4 - tertiary butyl alcohol (tert-butanol), (trimethylcarbinol) (2-methyl-2-propanol).

    Specification for butanol, according to GOST 5208-81:

    • Boiling point 117 В° C
    • Melting point -90.2 В° C
    • Closed cup flash point 34 В° C
    • Refractive index 1.399

    Information on the toxicity of butanol .:

    The toxicity of butanol is relatively low, but the highest among the lower alcohols. When butanol is ingested, an effect similar to that of ethanol occurs. Butanol is always found in small amounts in various alcoholic beverages. Often, butanol obtained from technical liquids is used by illegal entrepreneurs as a surrogate alcoholic drink. The concentration of butanol in the air of 0.01% does not in any way affect the human body, while 0.02% causes inflammation of the cornea.

    Application of butanol.

    N-butanol is used as a solvent for paints, varnishes and varnishes, natural and synthetic resins, rubbers, vegetable oils, paints and alkaloids. It acts as an intermediary in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and is used in the imitation leather, textiles, safety glass, rubber glue, shellac, raincoat, photographic film and perfume industries. Secondary butanol is also used as a solvent and chemical intermediate; it is found in brake fluids, industrial detergents, polishes, paint removers, ore flotation agents, fruit essential oils, perfumes, dyes. Isobutanol is a solvent for surface coatings and adhesives; it is part of varnishes, paint removers, perfume, cleaning agents and hydraulic fluid. Tert-butanol is used to remove water from various materials. It is used as a solvent in the production of medicines, perfumes and fragrances, as well as a chemical intermediate. It is also found in industrial detergents, used to denature ethyl alcohol, and added to gasoline to increase its octane number.

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