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    Monoethylene glycol is a flammable transparent colorless liquid of oily consistency, odorless, sweetish in taste. It dissolves well in water, alcohols, ketones, moderately in benzene, toluene, diethyl ether. Vegetable and animal oils are poorly soluble in ethylene glycol, and mineral oils, paraffins, rubber, acetyl and ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl chloride are not soluble. When ethylene glycol dissolves in water, heat is released and the volume decreases.


    It is a product of ethylene oxide hydration, the simplest representative of polyhydric alcohols (polyols), has all the properties of glycols. Toxic. Corrosive active has a very high hygroscopicity and strongly absorbs water from air and other gases.

    Density: 1.112 g / cm?. Melting point -12.9 В° C, boiling point 197.3 В° C. Chemical formula: C2H4 (OH) 2.

    In industry, ethylene glycol is produced by hydration of ethylene oxide in the presence of sulfuric or orthophosphoric acid. Di-, tri- and polyglycols are formed as by-products. Ethylene glycol is produced in two brands: fiber and antifreeze.


    Monoethylene glycol is used in chemical, textile, automotive, aviation, electrical industries. It has a unique ability not to freeze at low temperatures. An extremely important property of ethylene glycol is its ability to lower the freezing point of aqueous solutions. Thanks to this, the substance has found wide application in the production of low-freezing and coolants (automotive antifreezes, antifreezes, brake fluids).

    In addition, 41-45% of the world production of ethylene glycol is used to obtain synthetic polyester fibers and films: cellophane , polyurethanes and a number of other polymers.

    Monoethylene glycol is also used in the production of hydraulic and quenching fluids, alkyd resins, solvents, condensers, shoe polish, nitroglycol explosive and for other purposes.


    Type of material
    Type of solventInorganic
    Type of the useUniversal

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