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    Drying oil (оксоль) 3824909809(

    Drying oil (оксоль)
    Drying oil (оксоль)
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    Drying oil (оксоль)
    Drying oil (оксоль)
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    OXOL OXOL GLADIATOR - is a solution of oxidized vegetable oil in organic solvents modified with a desiccant. OXOL OXOL GLADIATOR - perfectly penetrates the pores wood, emphasizes the structure of the product, has high wear resistance and good drying.


    Thinner OXOL OXOL "GLADIATOR »- intended for dilution of thickly grated paints, for impregnation of wooden surfaces, for impregnation of plaster before applying oil paints to it and as a material for protecting wood from drying out in everyday life and for industrial purposes. OXOL drying oil "GLADIATOR" - intended for indoor and outdoor use.


    Drying oil "OXOL" "GLADIATOR" - ready for application and applied to a dry surface. It is recommended to mix OXOL GLADIATOR drying oil before use. Apply solvent OXOL OXOL oil GLADIATOR should be at a temperature not lower than +10 0С. If it is necessary to obtain a more liquid composition, up to 10-12% of White Spirit solvent should be added to OXOL OXOL GLADIATOR. Before applying the OXOL OXOL GLADIATOR varnish on the surface, the latter should be sanded and cleaned of dust. Apply OXOL varnish The "GLADIATOR" should be applied with a brush or roller at intervals of 24-36 hours (depending on the temperature and humidity). If necessary, with the help of OXOL GLADIATOR drying oil, you can putty small gaps by mixing drying oil with sawdust until a thick homogeneous mass is obtained. In all cases GLADIATOR OXOL OXOL - should be applied in a thin layer.


    • OXOL OXOL varnish GLADIATOR is a flammable liquid - during work it is prohibited to use open fire.
    • All work with OXOL OXOL solvent GLADIATOR in the room must be carried out with the supply and exhaust ventilation operating.
    Type of solventInorganic
    Type of the useUniversal

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