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    Solvent 649 3814009090

    Solvent 649
    Solvent 649
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    Solvent 649
    Solvent 649
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    Solvent 646 is a slightly yellowish and colorless liquid with a specific odor.

    Chemical composition of solvent 646:

    Ethanol (15%), toluene (50%), butanol ( 10%), butyl acetate (10%), acetone (7%). ethyl cellosolve (8%). Thinner 646 is one of the most active solvents, and therefore requires careful work in order not to damage the lower paint layer. In some cases, it is more expedient to use the weakest components of combined solvents.

    Scope of solvent 646.

    Solvent 646 is used to dilute both nitrovarnishes and nitroenamels (for example, NTs-132 enamel), as well as and for glyphthalic (for example, primer GF-021) and epoxy, in the case of glyphthal resins, the most suitable solvent or solvents 649, 650. Upon completion of drying, the paintwork acquires an additional shine due to the solvent. The solvent is poured into steel barrels, and for domestic use it is packaged in canisters, the volume of which ranges from one to ten liters.

    Storage rules for solvent 646.

    Since solvent 646 belongs to the category of flammable liquids and consists of organic volatile compounds, there are some specific storage rules. Thinner 646 should be stored in a sealed factory container, protected from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

    Safety precautions and transportation.

    When working in an enclosed space, ensure good ventilation. When working with solvent 646, it is necessary to follow the established safety rules: use respirators, rubber gloves.

    Type of materialSolvent
    Type of solventInorganic

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