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    Solvent 650 3814009090

    Solvent 650
    Solvent 650
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    Solvent 650
    Solvent 650
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    • ТН ВЭД: 3814009090
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    A solvent is a mixture of volatile organic liquids: aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and alcohols. It belongs to the group of low volatility and has a high dissolving capacity in relation to nitrocellulose and nitroglyphthalic paints and varnishes.

    Purpose (Thinner 650) The solvent is used to bring paints and varnishes to a working consistency, for dilution enamels grade NTs-11 to working viscosity when touching up small areas with a brush, reduces the risk of whitish coating and cracking of the film.

    Application To obtain a paint and varnish composition of the required viscosity, add to it, stirring thoroughly , small portions of the solvent. Use a rag soaked in solvent to clean the surfaces.

    Specifications (Thinner 650)

    Indicator name Value


    Color and appearance

    Colorless or slightly yellowish homogeneous transparent

    liquid without visible suspended particles

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    Type of materialSolvent
    Type of solventtoluene

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