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    Solvent of R-5 And 3814009090

    Solvent of R-5 And
    Solvent of R-5 And
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    Solvent of R-5 And
    Solvent of R-5 And
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    When diluting paints and varnishes, the solvent allows you to achieve the necessary quality characteristics of the coatings obtained from them.

    Color and appearance:

    Solvent R-5 is a colorless, transparent liquid, which may have a slightly yellowish tint. There should be no visible suspended particles in it, the solvent has a homogeneous composition.

    Recommendations for the use of solvent R-5:

    Thinner R-5 is introduced into the diluted paint and varnish material in small portions with constant stirring until the desired viscosity (consistency) is obtained.

    Work with the solvent should be carried out at an ambient temperature of +5 to + 30 В° C and a relative humidity of no more than 85%.

    When using R-5 solvent, the requirements of standards for work safety, fire safety rules, industrial sanitation. It is recommended to work with it with good ventilation or in a well-ventilated area using personal protective equipment. Avoid contact with the respiratory and digestive organs.

    Material preparation:

    The solvent is ready for use.

    P-5 solvent specifications:

    Type of materialSolvent
    Type of solventInorganic

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