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    Solvent of RML-315 3814009090

    Solvent of RML-315
    Solvent of RML-315
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    Solvent of RML-315
    Solvent of RML-315
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    • ТН ВЭД: 3814009090
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    Represents a mixture of volatile organic liquids in the ratio: ethyl cellosolve 17%; Butyl acetate 18%; Toluene 25%; Xylene 25%; Butyl alcohol 15%. Colorless or slightly yellowish homogeneous transparent liquid without visible suspended particles.


    This type of solvent is used to dilute nitro enamels and nitro varnishes for passenger cars. Dilution of nitrocellulose and other paints and varnishes. Individual chemical compounds or their mixtures capable of dissolving various substances, that is, forming homogeneous systems with them of variable composition of two or more components. All solvents RML-315 are physiologically active.

    Method of application:

    The solvent is added in small portions to obtain the desired viscosity according to the instructions for the material. After drying varnish, enamel, diluted with a solvent, a smooth surface should be observed without whitish or dull spots. Aromatic hydrocarbons, halogen derivatives, amines, ketones at significant concentrations can cause serious poisoning, lead to various skin diseases.


    • Color and appearance colorless or slightly yellowish liquid.
    • Mass fraction of water,%, no more than 1 , 7
    • Volatility with respect to ethyl ether, rel. units 13-22
    • Acid number, mg KOH / g, no more than 0.1
    • Coagulation number,%, not less 80
    • Packaging : Packaged in 10kg. 15 kg. 25 kg. 50 kg. Barrels 186 kg.
    Type of materialSolvent
    Type of solventInorganic

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