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    Purpose and methods of use of benzaldehyde

    Benzaldehyde is an organic compound that belongs to aromatic aldehydes. The liquid has no color and has a specific smell characteristic of almonds and apple seeds. During storage, it changes color and becomes yellowish. Interaction with atmospheric oxygen leads to the oxidation of the substance and its transformation into explosive dibenzoyl peroxide, which is converted into an organic compound (benzoic acid).

    Benzaldehyde dissolves in ethanol, esters and other organic solvents ... The ratio of dissolution in an aqueous medium: 0.3 g of benzoic aldehyde for every 100 ml of water. The formation of azeotropes occurs when mixed with hydroxytoluenes, benzyl chloride, carbolic acid and other organic substances.

    Phenylmethanal also shows a reaction with a carbonyl group. For example, in contact with sodium bisulfite and hydrogen cyanide, it forms derivatives.

    During the densification reaction, it interacts with nucleophilic particles. When benzoaldehyde and aromatic amines interact in this reaction, tritan derivatives are formed, and when interacting with acetic anhydride, cinnamic acid is formed.

    Benzaldehyde also enters into electrophilic substitution reactions. In this case, meta-substitution occurs.

    Physical properties of phenylmethanal:

    Molecular weight : 106.12.

    Melting point: -26 degrees Celsius.

    · Boiling point: 178.1 degrees Celsius.

    Chemical derivatives of benzaldehyde are found in the natural environment. They are found in almonds, cherry pits, apricots, peaches, oyster mushroom pulp and leaves of some plants. One of the ways to obtain benzaldehyde is synthesis from toluane balsam, obtaining from complex esters, hydrocyanic acid salts, alcohols and hydroxybenzene.

    Scope of application

    Benzaldehyde applications are found in the following industries:

    · Food: as a flavoring additive.

    · Perfumery: as a component of aromatic essence.

    Cosmetics: to give the final product the characteristic almond aroma.

    · For the synthesis of hexyl cinnamal, trans-beta-phenylacrylic acid, jasminaldehyde, triphenylmethane dyes and others.

    In addition, benzaldehyde is used as a solvent, synthesizes some drugs, is the source of final pharmaceutical products.

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