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    Kamed' of Guara 1302329000

    Kamed' of Guara
    Kamed' of Guara
    Kamed' of Guara
    Kamed' of Guara
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    highly viscous, readily soluble and effective food thickener - guar gum (E412, Guar Gum, guar gum, guar) - one of the most popular components of all types of stabilization systems for the dairy industry. Our range includes guar gum with a viscosity of a 1% solution of at least 5000cps and 6000cps

    Guar gum is a polysaccharide that swells in cold water, however, heating the guar gum solution shortens the time to obtain full viscosity force. The viscosity achieved depends on temperature, time, concentration, pH, stirring speed and particle size of the powder. In cold water, maximum viscosity can be reached in 1-4 hours.

    1. Origin. Resin is found in the endosperm of the grain of two types of leguminous annuals that grow in India. It has been cultivated for many centuries and used as human food. The beans are about 15 cm long and contain 6 to 9 seeds with a diameter of 2-3 mm. The seeds contain up to 70% gum (the highest polysaccharide - galactomannan).

    2.Structure. Guar gum is a hydrocarbon polymer. Guar is a polysaccharide from the group of galactomannans, in which lateral galactose units branch off from the main chain consisting of manose units. Moreover, one link of galactose accounts for two links of manose.

    Guar (E412), used in the food industry, contains (in percentage): polysaccharide - 85.0; protein - 3.7; crude fiber - 1.5; ash - 0.6; moisture - 5-8. Guar has a neutral taste and smell, dissolves in cold water, forming viscous solutions in the range of pH 2.5 - 7.0.

    3.Production. Guar gum, or simply guar, is obtained by simply grinding the seeds of the plant Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. The endosperm is separated by crushing, sifting and grinding into a fine powder. Thanks to the multi-stage purification process, a finely ground, higher viscosity grade of guar is obtained with an increased content of the galactomannan fraction.

    4.Application. Guar is well compatible with most food components and provides the target product with a long slimy texture. The ability to develop viscosity in cold water and democratic cost compared to other gums has made guar the most popular. At the same time, the possibilities of effective use of guar as an individual thickener are limited due to its sensitivity to high temperatures and acidity of the environment.

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