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    Soy-bean cellulose 1207999700

    Soy-bean cellulose
    Soy-bean cellulose
    Soy-bean cellulose
    Soy-bean cellulose
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    The offered soy fiber is an inexpensive and high-quality filler that has absorbed the best properties of dietary fiber and soy products, thanks to which it can better solve a number of technological problems that are posed for the above ingredients!

    Soy fiber can be successfully used in those areas where a number of soy products are currently used: flour, soy protein concentrate and isolate. If we draw parallels between these ingredients, then we can confidently assert that soy fiber is almost twice as much hydrated as the same soy isolate, which will make it possible to lay it in the current formulations almost half as much. or with similar tabs to get a denser consistency and more "noble" structure of the finished product! Due to the presence of fiber in our product, the tastes and odors that arise with increased dosages of soy products are significantly extinguished. An important factor is the order of the price of soy fiber

    - on average, it is cheaper than the same soy isolate by 40%!

    I would like to draw the attention of consumers that soybean fiber is largely composed of ballast substances - dietary fiber, which is of great importance from the point of view of biological value and principles of healthy nutrition. It serves not only for the enrichment of products with ballast substances and protein, but also offers a number of functional and technological solutions.

    Water binding capacity. The main functional feature of fiber is its high water-binding capacity (1: 8 "for cold" and 1:12 "for hot") fat-binding capacity (up to 1: 5). Since the fibers of the fiber have a capillary structure, water retention occurs not only by the surface of the fibers, but also inside the capillary channels, as a result of which the moisture is evenly distributed and firmly held in the formed three-dimensional framework, improving the structure of the finished product. Adding only 2% dietary fiber significantly increases water binding in the food system. Since the liquid is transported to the core of the cellulose fibers by capillaries, the consistency is not affected in any way, and thus the stability of the product is ensured.

    Emulsifying effect.

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