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    The dried milk is Ukraine 1901909900

    The dried milk is Ukraine
    The dried milk is Ukraine
    The dried milk is Ukraine
    The dried milk is Ukraine
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    Milk powder

    Milk can be found in most modern food products. It is healthy, tasty and nutritious; it is used in industry and home cooking. The only drawback of this product is its short shelf life. But time does not stand still and there is a way out of the situation. With ear milk, whose composition is no worse, will definitely give odds to its traditional predecessor.

    What milk powder is made of

    Milk powder looks like a soluble white or creamy powder. It is added to food products in dry or diluted form - when dissolved in water, the product turns into an ordinary and familiar milk drink.

    The smell and nutritional properties of dry milk correspond to ordinary pasteurized milk, except that its taste is more concentrated.

    Any milk, dry or our usual liquid, is a natural product. Both are collected in the same way - only the methods of their subsequent processing differ.

    The basis of milk powder is already prepared cow's milk - normalized and pasteurized. The product is thickened and then homogenized - the fat globules in the milk are broken down for greater homogeneity.

    After that, the product is dried using a roller or spray dryer. The first and older method is less popular in modern industry, as it has a lower productivity than spray drying. However, the advantage of roller drying is the caramelization of the milk powder. As a result, the taste becomes richer and more interesting, which means it is more attractive for the confectionery industry.

    After drying, the milk powder is sieved and cooled. Then the product is vacuum packed or packaged using inert gases - this extends its shelf life.

    Types of milk powder

    There are three types of product:

    • whole milk powder;
    • skimmed;
    • instant.

    Whole milk contains more fat and has a shorter shelf life, since it is the fats in the product that acquire a bitter taste over time. Such milk is stored for about 8 months at a temperature not higher than 10 В° C and not lower than zero.

    Skim milk, in turn, is stored longer without harm to taste and quality - it stays fresh up to 3 years.

    Instant type of milk is obtained by mixing the first two types. Their mixture is doused with steam, which makes it wet, and then dried again.

    Powdered milk diluted in water is called reconstituted. Such dairy products can be found in any supermarket - the manufacturer indicates the origin and type of milk on the package.

    Where milk powder is used

    Whole milk powder is used for food - it has found wide application in cooking and the manufacture of nutritional milk mixtures and sweets for children.

    Skimmed milk is more often used to feed farm animals, as well as in the creation of confectionery products, glazed curds, ice cream, semi-finished products and sauces. In addition, skim milk is an indispensable component of dietary meals.

    Powdered milk is also used in the manufacture of bread and baked goods, as well as meat products in which milk acts as a binding agent.

    Since milk powder is the same natural product as regular milk, it should not be consumed by people with lactose allergy.

    Milk powder : where to buy and how to store

    Although powdered milk is becoming more and more popular, it can be difficult to find it in a regular supermarket or the nearest store.

    You can buy powdered milk from us. Do not hesitate to purchase a product with a stock - a long shelf life allows this, and affordable prices only dispose to a large purchase.

    To prevent spoilage, follow the storage rules:

    • keep packages in the refrigerator;
    • do not leave the bag open - pour the milk into an airtight container;
    • do not allow moisture to enter the product.

    Inspect and taste milk powder periodically. First of all, pay attention to these signs:

    • taste - milk should not have foreign flavors;
    • color - any shades other than cream and white are unacceptable;
    • consistency - milk powder should not contain lumps;
    • solubility - a quality product dissolves completely and leaves no residue.

    When buying, be sure to inspect the package - it must be intact. Do not open the package unnecessarily. Remember that after opening a sealed package, milk powder will not be able to serve you as long as indicated in the expiration date - this figure is only valid for packaged products.

    As you can see for yourself, the advantages of milk powder are a lot , but not a single one! Buy powdered milk - this is an innovative and high-quality form of a product familiar from childhood!

    Compositiondried milk adiposeness 1,5% "standard", dried milk "премиум" adiposeness 25%
    PackingB/Ss are 25 kg

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