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    Additional soil replenishment with minerals and a set of microcomponents significantly increases the yield of any agricultural crops. The efficiency of the financial resources spent on fertilizers directly depends on how correctly the type of fertilizer is selected - the use of complex, multicomponent fertilizers, such as superagro , is considered optimal. The second, no less common name of the fertilizer is nitroammofoski.

    Features of Superagro fertilizer

    Fertilizers belong to the class of highly effective mineral fertilizers. Granules of which have a complex chemical composition - this is a combination in different proportions of the amide form of nitrogen, phosphorus components, potassium and a set of trace elements. Production implies a single cycle of the technological process, during which reactions of interaction between phosphoric and nitric acids, ammonia salts occur. Potassium sulfate and Potassium Chloride are essential components to ensure the reaction is efficient. Fertilizer does not cake during storage. Does not apply to flammable, it is non-toxic and explosion-proof. Has 100% friability, 90% granules with a size of about 4 mm. The main advantage of superagro is the low price for a multicomponent fertilizer.

    What is Superagro used for?

    The complex composition of the fertilizer will allow it to be used for any type of soil, restoring the natural balance microcomponents necessary for rapid growth and proper development of plants. Before using, it is necessary to determine the type of soil, study the natural ratio of salts and microcomponents, and select the composition of the superagro that is necessary.

    The ingredients that make up the superagro:

    • Nitrogen, its mass fraction depends on the fertilizer formula. It is indicated in the ratio of the percentage of the total composition, in the name of the fertilizer these are the first two digits after the letter index.
    • The phosphorus component in the form in which it is most efficiently assimilated by plants. The presence of phosphorus in the soil in sufficient quantities during the growing season is especially important - it is thanks to phosphorus that the efficient assimilation of carbon dioxide by plants occurs, and the formation of chlorophyll.

    The percentage of phosphorus in the superagro mixture is indicated by the second pair of numbers in name.

    • Potassium is essential as a natural, natural catalyst during the period of intensive plant growth. It ensures the correct course of metabolic processes responsible for the breakdown of proteins, and the timely removal of ammonia from plant cells. With a lack of potassium, the likelihood of crop diseases increases. In the title, this is the third pair of numbers, showing the percentage of potassium in the fertilizer.
    • Sulfur is part of the superagro as a component necessary for the balance of substances responsible for the course of natural regenerative processes. When sulfur is added to the soil as a fertilizer, the resistance of plants to sudden changes in temperature increases, the crops tolerate the lack of moisture well even on saline soils.
    • The set of microelements in the composition of superagro ensures the growth and development of plants. They are used as a supplement to the basic fertilizer formula boron and manganese, zinc and iron salts, copper and molybdenum.
    • An inevitable proportion of other impurities, the so-called ballast substances, in the form of lead and cadmium salts, it is present in the "superagro" mixture in a very small ratio.

    Application Features

    Superagro fertilizer irreplaceable as top dressing of the soil before sowing, and for additional provision of plants with microcomponents during the growing season. The use of a mechanized method of fertilizing the soil increases the economic feasibility of its application.

    For dense and fertile soil, black earth, it is recommended to use fertilizer in the autumn, directly during autumn plowing. This method is most effective for clay type soil.

    Light soils, consisting mainly of clay and sand (while, if the mass fraction of sand is greater), it is recommended to use superagro in the spring. Loose soil at this time is most susceptible to the introduction of microcomponents.

    To feed uncultivated soil, fertilizer will need a little more than to restore the natural balance of substances in cultivated ones.

    As a basis for creating fertilizer mixtures, use superagro is more than profitable - by supplementing the ready-made set of components with the substances necessary for the selected type of soil, you will reduce the cost of purchasing fertilizers. The soil receives its own, individual set of minerals and microcomponents necessary for the normal development of crops.

    As the main type of top dressing, superagro is used for:

    • grain crops;
    • cultivated perennial grasses;
    • industrial crops.

    History of occurrence

    In the 2000s, farms and a new, more efficient principle of distribution of financial flows in the agricultural sector dictates the use of specialized types of fertilizers - these are multi-component mineral fertilizers. The benefits from the use of new types of fertilizers ensured their appearance on the international market. And the leading chemical enterprises focus their capacities on the production of superagro fertilizer , which is in demand by consumers and is well sold. On the basis of the new potassium-phosphorus-nitrogen mixture, various specialized feeding are created, versatility and ease of use, safety and effectiveness ensure its growth in popularity. Nitroammofosks successfully work on soils that were previously considered unsuitable for successful farming. Seeking to buy fertilizer superagro and successful farms that effectively expand the cultivated area, this is an economically viable solution. Safe transportation, absence of toxic components and long storage time, the addition of a special component to the composition that prevents granules from caking - this is a superagro fertilizer, the price of which, given the excellent efficiency of application, is very low.

    It is profitable to buy superagro

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    NPÊ 14:23:14, NPÊNPÊ (8:24:24)|NPÊ (4:20:20)| NP (12:24)
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Superagro NPKN:P:K (15:15:15) 16-16
    SUPERAGRO THAT24.1-05766356-045-2002
    Type of complex fertilizerMineral

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