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    offers monoglycerides of fatty acids (E471) for food production !!! Monoglycerides (monosteorates) can improve the quality of finished products and solve problems arising from the stratification of emulsions and the separation of fat during storage of food products.

    Advantages of use:

    • increases the stability of the emulsion; • the consistency and presentation of the finished product improves; • the taste of the product is improved, an unpleasant fatty aftertaste is removed; • the quality of products is stabilized with the heterogeneity of raw materials and fluctuations in the technological process; • increases the resistance of products to adverse factors during storage.

    Recommended dosages: 0.3 - 0.8%. The exact dosages depend on the quality of the feedstock, the desired product quality and the type of product being produced

    Method of application: Added dry together with the fat phase.

    CompositionE471, monoglyceride

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