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    offers a wide range of high quality and readily soluble food phosphates for the production of meat products: tripolyphosphate (E451), pyrophosphate (E450), disodium phosphate (E450), hexametaphosphate (E452) sodium salts. On the basis of these components, in the course of long-term experiments and tests, we have developed high-quality phosphate mixtures, which showed the most average yields and the most reliable moisture retention on lump meat, medium and finely ground minced meat from beef, pork, chicken and turkey, as well as their combinations. The preparations are tested at meat processing plants in Ukraine and adapted to Ukrainian raw materials, which allows you to get the maximum effect from working with our phosphate mixtures.

    A feature of the phosphate systems we offer is their very good solubility, which qualitatively distinguishes them in comparison with other similar products on the phosphate market and allows them to be used not only for sausages, canned meat, semi-finished products, but also for pickles! Upon contact with water and slight stirring, our products instantly dissolve, and accordingly begin to work. The second positive is the absence of caking and lumpiness of phosphate lumpiness, which allows them to be successfully used not only by meat processing enterprises, but also by manufacturers of dry food compositions !!!

    There are three main ones in the range of our phosphate mixtures:

    PROTTECT F1 is a complex mixture of phosphate groups (E450, E451, E452) for the production of pork and beef products.

    PROTTECT F2 is a revolutionary integrated system, which has no analogues in Ukraine today, which is a mixture of phosphate groups (E450, E451, E452) for the production of poultry meat products.

    PROTTECT F10 is a universal mixture of phosphates that effectively works with any kind of raw meat .

    These products can be used as an option to regulate acidity in the production of meat products. They create a certain acidity in the minced meat, and interact with meat proteins, which allows them to take on a certain amount of moisture. The use of phosphates to a large extent allows to obtain a denser product, the emulsifying and rheological properties of minced meat are improved, our phosphates also effectively work as color regulators of finished products. Due to high quality input raw materials, - increase the yield of the finished product, reduce losses during heat treatment;

    - increase the resistance of products to unfavorable factors during storage

    - stabilize product quality in case of heterogeneity of raw materials and fluctuations in the technological process

    The optimal dosage of phosphate complexes is 0.4% of the mass of the main raw material. The maximum dosage is 0.75% of the mass of the product yield (the content of phosphates in terms of P2O5 should not exceed 0.4% in the product)

    Please check with the sales department for price and availability:

    • 0 800 20-20-30

    You can make a complex purchase from us goods as for production, and for subsequent sale. You can not only purchase products from us, but also get advice on the technological application of the purchased raw materials, receive guidelines and other information.

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