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    PROTTEKT a 01 complex emulsifying mixture 3824905500

    PROTTEKT a 01 complex emulsifying mixture
    PROTTEKT a 01 complex emulsifying mixture
    PROTTEKT a 01 complex emulsifying mixture
    PROTTEKT a 01 complex emulsifying mixture
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    We offer a wide range of emulsifiers for food production !!! Our range includes emulsifiers based on monoglycerides (monosteorate) of fatty acids, diglecerides of fatty acids (Mono- and Di-glycerides of fatty acids, E 471, E472, E 472c) and other types of emulsifying substances, as well as synergistic components that enhances the work of emulsifiers, making them more versatile, stronger and more functional. Our emulsifiers allow you to improve the quality of finished products and solve problems arising from the processing of the fat component.

    In addition to mono ingredients, we offer you the most popular complex mixture of emulsifiers and synergistic substances that enhance their work, to improve the emulsion of chopped semi-finished products, pates, sausages, semi-finished products and other types of meat products with a high fat content - PROTTECT 01. Adding an emulsifier significantly improves the development of minced meat, improves the quality of the “minced” emulsion itself, which visually raises the product category.

    Benefits of use:

    • the stability of the emulsion increases;

    • the defect of "melting cutlets" when frying them is leveled; • the consistency and presentation of the finished product improves; • the taste of the product is improved, an unpleasant fatty aftertaste is removed; • it is possible to use more fatty raw materials in the recipe; • the quality of products is stabilized with the heterogeneity of raw materials and fluctuations in the technological process; • increases the resistance of products to adverse factors during storage.

    • the yield of the finished product increases, losses during heat treatment are reduced;

    Recommended dosages: 0.5 - 1%. The exact dosage depends on the quality of the raw materials, the desired product quality and the type of product being produced

    Method of application: added dry together with fatty raw materials.

    Price and availability, please check with the sales department:

    • 0 800 20-20-30

    Here you can carry out a complex purchase of goods, both for production and for subsequent sale. Here you can not only purchase products, but also get advice on the technological use of the purchased raw materials,

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