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    Carbamide (urea) is a chemical substance used primarily as fertilizers . Today, two types of urea are produced:

    • grade "A" - intended for the chemical industry and livestock;
    • grade "B" - for use in the agricultural industry.

    The First Ukrainian Market of Chemical Raw Materials offers you a wide selection of B grade carbamide from leading Ukrainian manufacturers. We guarantee high quality and originality of all products presented on our website and in the regional offices of the First Ukrainian Market of Chemical Raw Materials.

    Carbamide: properties and features

    Urea is the result of protein breakdown. In the natural environment, it is found mainly in the waste products of some species of fish and mammals. First of all, in urine and sweat.

    Chemical formula - H2N-CO-NH2. Urea is produced in the format of dense crystals of white color, odorless, with a salty bitter taste.

    The main difference between urea is its chemical properties. The substance is fine soluble in alcohol , water and other polar solvents. On the other hand, it cannot be dissolved in chloroform and alkanes.

    The French scientist Raoul is considered to be the discoverer of carbamide, who discovered it in the second half of the 18th century. However, they were able to identify this substance only in 1818, in England, under the leadership of William Prout, a practicing physician and chemist. Ten years later, in 1828, urea was first synthesized under laboratory conditions. This was done by the German scientist Friedrich Wöhler. He managed to synthesize urea during the gradual heating of ammonium cyanate.

    Today this substance is obtained by synthesizing ammonia with carbon dioxide according to the classical Bazarov reaction.

    Urea: application and features of use

    The most widely used urea is in three areas:

    • the agricultural sector;
    • the food industry;
    • the cosmetic industry.

    Agriculture is the main application for urea. Used as a nitrogen fertilizer, urea allows solving several problems at once:

    • accelerates growth;
    • increases yields;
    • increases the protein content in cereals.

    Urea fertilizer is a highly concentrated substance. The nitrogen content in it reaches 46.2%, which significantly exceeds the indicators of any other types of nitrogen fertilizers.

    Urea is used as the main fertilizer, for pre-sowing and intermediate fertilizing. In solid form, carbamide is used for foliar feeding of cereals, fruit and vegetable crops. Due to the high volatility of ammonia during surface fertilization, it is especially important to immediately cover the urea with a layer of soil. This will minimize nitrogen losses.

    Urea solution is used to spray fruit trees and bushes. For standard soil fertilization, it can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers containing nitrogen.

    Urea can be used to fertilize all types of crops and all types of soil. However, when fertilizing acidic soils, it is recommended to mix urea with calcium carbonate in proportions of 1: 0.8. To improve the chemical composition of acidic soils, mixtures of carbamide with superphosphate or phosphorite flour can also be used.

    The main advantage of carbamide is its harmlessness to plants. Upon contact with the surface of the stem or leaves, the fertilizer does not cause burns or other negative reactions. The second major advantage of this type of nitrogen fertilizer is its resistance to leaching. It is due to this property that urea is actively used in irrigated agriculture.

    In the agricultural industry, herbicides made on the basis of urea are also actively used. They are used to control unwanted plants - weeds.

    In the food industry, urea is better known as E927b. This additive acts as a texturer. It is also used as a glazing agent, flavor and aroma modifier. Main areas of use: the production of bakery and confectionery.

    In addition, the food additive E927b is widely used in the production of chewing gum. In the production of alcohol, urea is used to fortify food additives with nitrogen.

    as urea, application was found in other areas: furniture production and in the energy sector (for cleaning surfaces from smoke and gases).

    In cosmetology, urea is used for the production of skin and hair care products. It is included in many deodorants, shampoos, balms, hair dyes.

    To a much lesser extent, this substance is used in the production of pharmaceuticals. In its pure form, urea is used in medical practice: as a dehydration agent that can prevent the development or reduce the volume of cerebral edema.

    In recent years, urea has been widely used to purify emissions from incineration plants and thermal power plants. In these areas, urea thermal decomposition products are used to reduce nitrogen oxides.

    Also, one of the innovative uses of urea is the production of its 32.5% solution - AdBlue. This substance is intended for the treatment of exhaust emissions from vehicles with diesel engines. It improves the quality of emissions to the level of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards.

    Storage and transportation of urea

    Urea grade "B" used in agriculture is produced in granular form. This allows you to extend the shelf life and at the same time prevent caking of the fertilizer.

    The fertilizer is packaged in industrial containers or small-sized bags. Urea can be transported either in packaged form or in bulk - in railway hopper cars, special metal containers or mineral wagons.

    Under normal conditions, the substance is non-toxic and completely safe from the point of view of fire safety. However, urea can only be transported by land or water transport. Carriage of urea by air is prohibited.

    The fertilizer can be stored in closed warehouses with low humidity levels and an established ventilation system. On open-type sites, urea is allowed to be stored only in special shipping bags or containers.

    Where to buy urea?

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    a carbamide is a container:мешки|биг-бег|насыпь
    Concentrated form of fertilizeryes
    Maximal temperature of effective action40 hail.
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of fertilizerCarbamide

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