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    Carbamid ( sechavina) - a cheery speech, which is very good-natured. There are two types of carbamide on the season:

    • grade "A" carbamide - indications for vikorystannya in galuzi tvarinnitstva and chemical industry;
    • carbamide grade "B" - indications for vikoristan silskogospodarskiy virobnistvі.

    "The First Ukrainian Market of Chemistry Syrovini" I will offer you a wide variety of carbamide brand " B ", rocked by the leading Ukrainian companies. We guarantee the high quality and originality of the products presented on the website of our online store and at the regional representatives of the "First Ukrainian Chemistry Market".


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    The chemical formula for carbamide is H2N-CO-NH2. Sechovina є product of the drop bіlkіv. Among the natural minds of this world, it is important to find a place in the products of the living of the workers and of the kind of ribs that are great in the sweat of the ribs.

    The carbamide is used in the eyes of the dark, without the smell. The main particularity of the speech system is the chemistry of power. Carbamide grows to a high degree before being dispensed by water, alcohol is too thin. Natomist, in non-polar consumers, on the basis of alkanes and chloroform, so the speech did not go out of the way.

    The message of this new word, which began approximately at the other half of the 17th century, was attributed to French. Piznish, at 1818, in England, a practical drug and chemist Vilyam Prout identifying a speech. Even after 10 years, in 1828 rotsi, Nimetsky chemistry Frydrikh Veler, synthesizing organic chemistry in laboratory minds for heating nonorganic speech - cyanate amonia. p>

    Carbamide: Stamping that specialty of the victorian

    The most expanded carbamide is spastered in three galuses of the vikorystannya:

    • silskogospodarskiy;
    • kharchoviy;
    • cosmetology.

    Silske statehood is the main area of ??victorian sechovina. Yak nitrogen is good, carbamide is virishu a number of tasks:

    • I accelerate the growth of grows;
    • grows vigor;
    • helps to grow vines in the place of grain crops.

    Carbamide is kindly є with a highly concentrated speech. Instead of nitrogen in nіy syaga, 46.2%, which is the best indicator of the middle of all kinds of nitrogen goodness, which can be very good.

    Sechovia can be victorious, which is generally kindly, for pre-production and industrial development. In solid viglyadi carbamide vicorist for the new growth of cereal root systems, vegetable chi fruit crops. Through the temples of the amiak to the viparovannya, before the hour of the surface storage in the region, it is important that sooner into the goodly prodigal runtu. You can also waste nitrogen at the same time.

    Rozchin carbamide vikoristovuyut for pruning fruit trees and bushes. It is also possible to be victorious for the extravagant cultivation of the earth, the wicked ones with the other species of rare nitrogenous goodness.

    In the quality of goodness, carbamide can be victorious for any type of cultured cultured animals. However, when sampling sour runts, it is recommended to use calcium carbonate at a ratio of 1: 0.8. It is also possible to change carbamide from chi superphosphate with phosphorite boron for the reduction of a chemical warehouse of sour soil.

    The head of the sechovina pass - safety for the Roslin. When vicious carbamide on the surface of the stems, that leaf is not the culprit of the current opikiv and the other chemical plants. Another important thing is to change the carbamid polyaga in yogo stikosti to vimivannya. The very same type of nitrogen goodness is widely used in irrigated farming.

    At the grain industry, carbamide is big vidomy yak kharchova house E927b. Secovinu vikoristovuyut for the reduced structure of the product, yogo relish that aroma, as well as glazed finished products. From a small house to vikoristovuyut before an hour vyrobnitstva grass and confectionery virobs. Likewise, the food house E927b is used for making grubby gumka.

    In the process of making alcohol, the chowberry is made for filling with nitrogen for the small food houses.

    At the cosmetologist's office, carbamide vikoristovuyut for an hour or so, they try to pick up the hair and shampoos for hair and skin: shampoos, hair care products, deodorants too.

    Such words are carbamide storage known in the furniture galuze and energy sector (for clearing the surface of the gas and dim).

    In some of the carbamide galuses, there are not many vicories. Sechovina to enter the warehouse of pharmacological agents, as well as vikorystuyutsya at a pure viglyad - in the capacity of dehydrated speech. Carbamide vikoristovuyut is important for getting rid of the brain or changing the already existing ones.

    For an hour, carbamide is actively used to cleanse wikis at smith-burning factories and thermal power plants. At the same time, it’s not a pure sechavina, but the products of a thermal drop of carbamide. Їх fix for the renewal of nitrogen oxides.

    One of the innovations is the production of 32.5-hectare carbamide, which I call AdBlue. Tsya rechovina is designed for the processing of turbine gases from cars and diesel engines. AdBlue vikoryannya zavdyakity of cich wikis to advance to the level of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards.

    Protection and transport carbamide

    Carbamide of the "B" brand, which will be victorious in the Silskoe state government, vipuskayut at the sight of small granules. This format allows you to get ahead of the zealous kind and podovzhu lines of yogh moody zberіgannya.

    Dobrio pack in industrial containers or small packages (for distribution trade). Carbamide can be transported not only in a packaged viglyad, but rather in a rasp. In the last fall of the obsessive mind є victorious special hopper cars, metal containers or mineral carriers.

    For normal minds, the sechovina is not toxic and does not become dangerous from the point of view of burning. Tim is not the least, the transport of carbamide is possible without ground or water transport. The air transport of the speech is hardened.

    It is possible to dobrivo in the cramped warehouses, because of the low level of lightness and the garnishing of the ventilation. On top of the Maydan carbamide it is possible to collect it in special packages for transportation, even in the closed containers.

    De pribati carbamid?

    If you need to add carbamide, "First Ukrainian market of chemistry syruvin", please contact me well, please. In our assortment there are products of provincial Ukrainian virobniks. Go to the website of our online store, pick up a package option that best suits your goals, and then fill out a replacement directly on the site.

    Our online store for a high-quality carbamation will be prompted for the best price. Bazhaєte perekonatisya? Just phone at once, and our consultant will give you information,

    Concentrated form of fertilizeryes
    Maximal temperature of effective action50 hail.
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of fertilizerCarbamide

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