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    Brine preparation for the production of delicacy wares 2005590000

    Brine preparation for the production of delicacy wares
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    We offer a wide range of stabilization systems for the production of delicacies, sausages, ham, semi-finished products, canned food and p?t?s, with varying degrees of hydration and some specific properties that will help you to increase the yield and quality of finished products !!! All our mixtures were compiled in the course of long-term tests, tested at meat processing plants in Ukraine and adapted to Ukrainian raw materials, which allows you to get the maximum effect from working with our functional mixtures! Our preparations have different degrees of hydration, but in any case they provide reliable and effective retention of moisture, no syneresis (cutting off moisture during storage).

    We offer you a universal complex stabilization system, intended for the production of lumpy whole-muscle delicacies, brisket, chicken legs, fillets, etc. - PROTECT P3. A properly selected composition allows you to inject the brine prepared on the basis of our preparations into the product without clogging the injector needles, but at the same time contributes to its partial "biting" when it enters the muscle tissue even before heat treatment, prevents the brine from flowing out, and gives the maximum output for the finished product. p>

    Benefits of use:

    • increase yields
    • reduce the effect of cutting off moisture that is introduced into the product;
    • improvement of consistency, cutting and presentation of finished products;
    • high solubility in cold water;
    • the content of effective highly soluble polyphosphates and jelly-forming substances that increase the yield of the finished product;
    • optimal viscosity of the brine - after injection does not flow out of the meat;
    • the mixture contains high-quality carrageenan;
    • due to the high content of quality carrageenan, the finished product has good juiciness and appearance on the cut;
    • ease of use - a complex mixture.

    Ingredients: Phosphates, gelling agents, thickeners, antioxidants, carbohydrates. Flavoring segment, nitrite, salt must be added additionally (they are absent in Protect P3).

    Please check the price and availability in sales department:

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    You can carry out a complex purchase of goods from us , both for production and for subsequent sale. You can not only purchase products from us, but also get advice on the technological application of the purchased raw materials, receive guidelines and other information.

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