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    Stabilizators for a lipophilic 2835310000

    Stabilizators for a lipophilic
    Stabilizators for a lipophilic
    Stabilizators for a lipophilic
    Stabilizators for a lipophilic
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    offers a wide range of stabilizers-emulsifiers for fat and protein-fat emulsions (BZHE) with varying degrees of hydration and fat binding, various consistency and stability of emulsions !!!

    The most popular among our consumers for the production of fat emulsions is the complex stabilizing mixture Protect 03. This drug takes the middle ground in the price-quality formula. The fat emulsion made on it will have the consistency of "thick plasticine", preserving these properties during the production of sausages.

    If a very thick consistency is not required, then we recommend you our preparation Protect 30, which will allow you to obtain an emulsion "more creamy", but it will partially open after thermal processes during the preparation of sausage, thickening and will additionally stabilize the sausage emulsion.

    If you need to get an emulsion of solid consistency, which can also be used for the production of "artificial lard" or meat emulsions, we can offer you Protect 20, which will cope with these tasks with dignity ...

    Our product Protect K4 deserves attention, which is a complex of fibers and proteins capable of emulsifying fatty raw materials well and showing excellent stability in the finished product. The protein part provides a fine emulsification of the product and perfectly stabilizes the emulsion, and the fiber will help precipitate a fatty aftertaste and prevent fat from migrating during heating / cooling.

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