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    Functional mixtures for мясопродуктов 2835310000

    Functional mixtures for мясопродуктов
    Functional mixtures for мясопродуктов
    Functional mixtures for мясопродуктов
    Functional mixtures for мясопродуктов
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    offers a wide range of stabilization systems with varying degrees of hydration and some specific properties that will help you to increase the yield, density and quality of finished products !!!

    The most versatile product in this area is Protect 60. This stabilizer one of the long-livers of our price list! It is a mixture based on gums and carrageenan with a hydration of 1:60, added when making minced meat in the second third of chopping (be sure to separate it with phosphates). It thickens well "on cold", making minced meat of medium density.

    Protect 100 is a complex stabilization system with a high degree of hydration, which includes gums and carrageenans. This preparation has an increased hydration of 1: 100. Not so much how Protect 60 thickens "cold", which allows you to work with more liquid minced meat. This point can be interesting if there is a fine porosity in the cut in the sausages, which will go away due to the filling of liquid minced meat in the shell, but which is well compacted during heat treatment. The stable qualities of the gel make it possible to use Protect 100 not only in the production of cooked sausages, but also in the production of brawn and jellies.

    Protect 30 is the variant of the stabilizer when it is necessary to obtain an increased density of minced meat (as, for example, in the production semi-smoked sausages). Hydration of Prottect 30 1:30. Thanks to the well-chosen composition, this drug also has good emulsifying properties. This factor makes it possible to use it in the production of fat emulsions, p?t?, liver and blood sausages.

    Protect K-4 is a relatively inexpensive filler based on a complex of fibers and proteins with a hydration of 1: 10-12. In some cases, it can serve as an alternative to soy isolate. It has good emulsifying properties.

    Protect 20 is a product based on sodium alginate, intended for the production of meat granules, meat emulsions, "imitation of bacon", can also be used in its pure form for the production of sausages.

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