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    Citras of sodium 2918150010

    Citras of sodium
    Citras of sodium
    Citras of sodium
    Citras of sodium
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    This product can be used as an acidity control option in food production and is an excellent alternative to phosphates and their complexes. The use of sodium citrate to a large extent allows you to get a dense product, improve emulsifying and rheological properties.

    When compared with phosphates, practice has shown that citrates work a little worse because there is no direct work with proteins, but despite this citrates are widely used in the food industry due to the fact that they are absent residues of phosphoric acid (phosphatase), which is standardized in food.

    Sodium citrate is widely used as an acidity regulator in the production of juices, nectars and sweet drinks, used in the production of jams, etc.

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