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    Candles are economic
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    Household candles: key features and benefits

    A candle is the most popular decorative element and simply an irreplaceable assistant in the household. Using a few candles, you can easily create a special atmosphere or solve the problem of lighting rooms if the lights are suddenly turned off. Do you want to know which candles to buy so that your home is always bright and safe?

    The main types of candles

    The variety of types of candles existing today can be divided according to two criteria: materials and purpose. The most common today are three types of candles:

    • paraffin wax
    • wax
    • gel.

    The purpose of the candles is the second defining criterion. When the light is turned off, the simplest and cheapest household or table candles are usually used. Decorative, above all, serve as decoration. Their light can be dimmer and shimmer.

    Want to relax and forget about all the problems? Then you probably need to buy scent candles . They can be used as an addition to special aroma lamps or installed separately. Most of the aroma candles are miniature"tablets" in a protective metal case.

    Another significant criterion is the method of production. Candle casting has long ceased to be a purely industrial process, and handmade candles are one of the most popular decorative ornaments. However, be careful: an externally beautiful carved candle can serve as a wonderful decoration for the interior of your home and turn out to be completely useless if you decide to use it for its intended purpose. The slightest violation of technology can lead to the fact that the candle burns out in a matter of hours or does not burn at all.

    To make your home always light and comfortable, choose high-quality factory candles made of paraffin or wax.

    Paraffin candles are the best choice for your home

    Paraffin is a special material obtained after refining petroleum products. Paraffin wax or household candles are the optimal solution in case of blackouts. Depending on the size and characteristics of the production technology, one such candle can burn up to 16-18 hours. During burning, they do not smoke and give the brightest possible light, which allows you to freely engage in routine activities: fuss in the kitchen, read books or make some notes. This is especially convenient if you have a child in your home who needs to study and do homework.

    And most importantly, prices for paraffin candles are orders of magnitude lower than the cost of their decorative and scented counterparts. Of course, if you opt for standard factory candles. Moreover, their assortment is no longer limited to the traditional white palette.

    Wax candles: beautiful and natural

    The second most popular are wax candles. Made from natural beeswax, they burn out in just a few hours.

    Their main use is in the religious sphere. Although wax candle making has become a popular activity, today you can easily find beautiful and original wax candles.

    Wax candles in our online store. A wide range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses allows you to choose the right solution for all occasions. However, remember that the light of a wax candle is not as bright as like its paraffinic counterpart. In addition, the variety of formats of paraffin candles allows you to choose various options for wide and stable ones that do not need candlesticks. Such formats are practically not found among wax products.

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    a candle is a height 175 мм, width 19 ммthere are 85 things in a box
    a candle is a height 190 мм, width 19 ммa 13 packing is cased for 4 штуки|ящик
    a candle is a height 240 мм, width 19 ммthere are 50 things in a box
    An amount of candles is in a set5 øò.
    Aromatizedit is not
    Height of candle240 мм
    Material of makingParaffin
    Shirina of candle19 мм
    Type of candleEconomic

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