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    Cylinder for an areometer 9018905001

    Cylinder for an areometer
    Cylinder for an areometer
    Cylinder for an areometer
    Cylinder for an areometer
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    • The country of manufacture: Украина
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    • Brand name: СТЕКЛОПРИБОР

    A hydrometer cylinder is used to facilitate density determination with hydrometers.

    A hydrometer cylinder is manufactured with and without graduations.

    The cylinder is ideal for density measurements with a hydrometer. Typically, hydrometers are long and narrow and must be immersed in a liquid so that they can float freely to take measurements. The density is calculated from the degree of immersion of the device. Tall and narrow cylinders have been designed to simplify the procedure without fiddling with large vessels and volumes of liquids. They are made transparent, made of laboratory glass.

    The neck is equipped with a spout, so that later it is convenient to drain the liquid. In order for the cylinder to be stable on the table, it is inserted into a wide (hexagonal) plastic support. The vessel is usually not graduated,

    Capacity, мл 1 000, 2 000, 410±20
    Presence of corkFalse
    Type of laboratory tablewareCylinder for an areometer

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