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    Pipette of Pestilence 7017900000

    Pipette of Pestilence
    Pipette of Pestilence
    Pipette of Pestilence
    Pipette of Pestilence
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    • Brand name: СТЕКЛОПРИБОР

    It is used for measuring certain volumes of liquid.

    Pipettes with one mark can be produced in the 1st and 2nd class of accuracy.

    Mohr pipettes are simple and convenient to use - to accurately measure out a certain amount of substance, only accuracy is required. Allows you to measure volumes of matter with greater accuracy than graduated pipettes. The walls are marked with a single brown mark that marks the nominal volume. The level of the collected fluid is marked along the lower edge of the meniscus, keeping the pipette mark at eye level. Measurements should be made at the temperature at which the device was calibrated at the factory - this temperature is indicated on its wall. Material: high quality glass with low expansion coefficient.

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