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    A cuvette is a plastic  3820000000

    A cuvette is a plastic
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    Cuvettes are used for examining liquid samples in the visible region of the spectrum.

    Made of polystyrene.

    The cuvette is a disposable product made of optical polystyrene with a light transmission in the range of 140-450 nm. The cuvette is an open-top, elongated parallelepiped with a square base. Two sides of the product are covered with embossed vertical stripes to make it easier for the laboratory technician to correctly install into the device.

    Products are used to determine the spectral composition of substances and materials by the degree of transmission of a light beam through a sample. Fields of application: research enterprises, food, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries, quality control stations, sanitary and epidemiological stations, etc.

    Type of laboratory tablewareCuvette

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