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    A dressing-gown is non-permanent 3926200000

    A dressing-gown is non-permanent
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    • SKU: 651917616
    • ТН ВЭД: 3926200000
    • The country of manufacture: Украина
    • Status: предоплата
    • Brand name: Стеклоприбор

    Color: Blue, green, white

    Material: Non-woven spunbond

    Amount per pack, pcs: 10

    Used to maintain cleanliness in medical, food , pharmacological and other enterprises.

    Non-sterile. A disposable medical gown with buttons or a drawstring gown protects your clothing from minimal risks and minor contamination. Used for visitors to medical institutions, in the food and pharmaceutical industry, cleaning companies, etc. Bathrobes are non-sterile, made of spunbond.

    Properties table

    An amount is in packing, шт50
    ColorDark blue, green
    MaterialUnwoven спанбонд

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