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    Vehicle of AKOV-10 3808942000

    Vehicle of AKOV-10
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    • ТН ВЭД: 3808942000
    • The country of manufacture: Украина
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    • Brand name: Стеклоприбор

    Name: AKOV-10

    Designed for quantitative determination of water content in oil, food and other products by distillation.

    Consists of a refrigerator (KhPT-1-300-14 / 23), the receiver of the catcher and the flask K-1-500-29 / 32. This apparatus is designed to determine the water content of various substances, such as petroleum or food products, by distillation. The essence of the method is that the test substance is dissolved and then distilled at a certain temperature, and the vapor is condensed. The volume of condensed steam is used to judge the water content in the investigated substance or product.

    CompositionRefrigerator (KHPT-1-300-14/23), a receiver is a catcher and retort of K-1-500-29/32
    Type of laboratory tablewareVehicle of AKOV-10

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