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    The pycnometer is designed to determine the density of substances. Refers to precision measuring instruments. Instrument accuracy: The permissible error is В± 5.0 ml. In order to accurately measure 100 ml of liquid, it is necessary to keep the mark on the neck of the pycnometer at eye level. It is also very important that the volume and weight measurements are carried out at a liquid temperature equal to that indicated on the walls of the flask - i.e. at factory calibration temperature.

    Material: the pycnometer is made of high quality chemically resistant or chemically neutral glass with a low coefficient of linear expansion.

    In order not to distort the factory calibration, it is not recommended to heat the product too much ... The pycnometer is a standard chemical device allowing to calculate with high accuracy the density of a liquid by its mass and volume, or its weight, knowing the volume and density. Pycnometers are used in school, scientific and testing laboratories. This pycnometer is equipped with a ground stopper, so it can be used for work with volatile liquids.

    Used when determining the density of gases or liquids.

    The permissible error is В± 5.0 ml.

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    Capacity, мл25, 50, 100
    Type of laboratory tablewarePiknometr

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