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    A refrigerator is ball-shaped 8418219900

    A refrigerator is ball-shaped
    A refrigerator is ball-shaped
    A refrigerator is ball-shaped
    A refrigerator is ball-shaped
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    Serves for cooling and condensation of liquid vapors.

    Made of chemically resistant glass.

    Roll-in refrigerator (Allen's refrigerator). The product is made of high quality heat-resistant glass and can be used in various research or production laboratories for work related to the cooling and condensation of vapors of liquid chemicals. The device is most often used when carrying out various syntheses, when the amount of heat removed is small and air cooling is sufficient to condense low-boiling substances.An important feature of this type of refrigerator is its increased efficiency (for example, in comparison with a Liebig refrigerator), which is caused by a larger heat exchange area. High-quality grinding of the core and sleeve allows you to reliably connect the refrigerator to other laboratory equipment, as well as connecting elements or containers.

    Property Table

    ImplementationsKHSH-1, KHSH-3
    Type of laboratory tablewareA refrigerator is ball-shaped

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