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    A stippler is a type of KPO

    A stippler is a type of KPO
    A stippler is a type of KPO
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    • SKU: 651968369
    • The country of manufacture: Украина
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    • Brand name: Стеклоприбор

    Designed for the assembly of various laboratory instruments, apparatus and installations.

    Made of chemically resistant glass.

    Core with a tap made in accordance with GOST 25336-82. At the end of the branch there is an olive for attaching a flexible hose or connecting tube. The core is made of transparent chemical resistant glass. The loops are of high quality and carefully processed, which ensures a reliable and tight connection and prevents jamming. This product is a connecting element used in the assembly of laboratory installations and apparatus. The element is standardized, so it is suitable for vessels from different manufacturers.

    Property table

    Diameter, мм6, 10, 15
    KindA stippler is a type of KPO

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