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    Soap is economic 72 % 3401209000

    Soap is economic 72 %
    Soap is economic 72 %
    Soap is economic 72 %
    Soap is economic 72 %
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    The best in terms of microbiological indicators turned out to be ... "Economic" soap! Even fuel oil washes away - what can bacteria do here)

    "Dirt is not grease, rubbed and lagged behind!" - said Mister Pronka in the famous cartoon. Are there many in our time who want to get rid of dirt in such an exotic way? Even on such favorable terms as were offered to our hero? Today we cannot imagine our existence without soap. We come home and the first thing we do is wash our hands. Manufacturers of this valuable and essential product for us offer us hundreds of species and varieties: with the smell of wildflowers and sea waves, spruce branches and oranges, different colors and shades, with additives that care for the skin, special for children, laundry for washing. You can't list all of them. Yes, you yourself have seen this variety dozens of times in shops and supermarkets.

    The most famous and demanded brand of soap is household soap. The ancestors of the “hostess” were sound and Eschweger (marble) soap. The sound soap was made from animal lard, palm oil, coconut soap stock and technical soap. The highest grade was considered the most expensive, which was made by special order with the addition of perfumery aromas at the request of the client. The marble soap was only one grade and contained 48 percent saponified fatty acids, as well as water glass, salt and caustic. Moreover, an experienced soap-maker determined intuitively how many additives to add, depending on the fats that were included in the composition. At the end of cooking, ultramarine was added to the soap mixture to bluish the laundry during washing. The finished mixture was poured into wooden or iron trays in wooden trays, which stood in basements, where it was dried for three weeks. When the soap cooled down, it became like marble with blue veins.

    Large patterned pieces were in high demand, which indicated the high qualifications of the soap maker. At the last stage, the soap was cut by hand into plates, and then by machine into pieces. This was the first production of laundry soap. Modern laundry soap in Russia is still made only from natural raw materials, therefore it is safe for the skin and does not cause allergies. The weight of the goods has changed somewhat. Now you don't need to buy large pieces weighing 250-350 grams for future use, but limit yourself to a piece of 90-150 grams. The manufacturers also wrapped the soap in beautiful packaging and provided it with pleasant smells.

    By the way, the well-known percentages on bars of soap 65%, 70% and 72% are the content of fatty acids. The higher the percentage, the lighter the soap and the better the smell. But soap is used not only for washing and washing. Synthetic rubber is obtained from emulsified soap mixed with petroleum products. To obtain napalm incendiary agents and dry alcohol, magnesium, aluminum and calcium soaps are used.

    In shipbuilding, soap is a base that resists the growth of algae. If you have a desire to make your own soap at home, then you will need 2 kg of caustic soda, 12.8 kg of unsalted lard and a little patience. Dissolve the soda in eight liters of water, then pour in the melted lard. We mix everything thoroughly and pour it into boxes. We close the boxes with a cloth and leave them in a warm and dry place for 5 days. The soap is ready.

    Basic type of fabricFor all types of fabric
    Feature of meanOrganic
    TypeEconomic soap
    Type of linenAny
    Type of washableHand washable
    Washable of child's clothesyes
    Weight200 g

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