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    Thermoplastic полиуретаны (TPU)

    Thermoplastic полиуретаны (TPU)
    Thermoplastic полиуретаны (TPU)
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Our company offers thermoplastic polyurethanes of the Laripur trademark produced by COIM SpA (Italy).

    Materials combining processing technology thermoplastics with the well-known advantages of polyurethanes, such as:

    • hardness 60 Shore A to 75 Shore D
    • excellent abrasion resistance
    • flexibility
    • stability over a wide temperature range
    • good compression set
    • water and UV resistance
    • good chemical resistance (to oils , fats and solvents).

    Materials have different chemical composition,specially designed for the production of:

    • hydraulic seals and cuffs,
    • tubes and hoses,
    • shoe soles,
    • cable products ,
    • other products where abrasion resistance and flexibility are required
    Guarantee term12 meses
    Hardnessfrom 60 on Shoru of A to 75 on Shoru of Ä

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