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    Thermoplastic эластомеры (TPE) 3909509000

    Thermoplastic эластомеры (TPE)
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    Our company offers various types of thermoplastic elastomers from Elasto Sweden AB, Sweden.

    Elastomers are compounds based on SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) block copolymer, SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) ) block copolymer, EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene) rubber and combine the easy processing properties of thermoplastic materials with the properties of vulcanized rubber.

    Materials do not require vulcanization and are recyclable. Elastomers are produced with different hardness, which provides great opportunities for various applications and freedom in the development of part design.

    Main properties of materials:

    • Good frost resistance. Brittleness temperature of material below -50 ° C
    • Max. short-term exposure temperature approx. + 150 ° C
    • Hardness: 0 Shore A to 55 Shore D
    • Density: 0.89 - 1.4 kg / m3
    • Basic colors: natural, natural transparent, the material can be easily painted in any color with dyes for PE, PP.
    • Processing methods: injection molding, two-component molding, extrusion, co-extrusion, blowing
    • Adhesion to polypropylene (to ABS, PC, PMMA for special types)
    • Soft touch

    Application examples :

    • Seals
    • Vehicle interior parts
    Closeness:0,89 - 1,4 êã/ì3
    Hardness:from 0 Blinders of A there are to 55 Blinders of Ä

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