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    Poliuretanovye systems (PU) 3909509000

    Poliuretanovye systems (PU)
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    Imuthane / Imucure® multicomponent hot curing systems manufactured by COIM SpA (Italy) have good mechanical properties combined with versatility in production. Advantages of hot curing polyurethane elastomers:

    • High abrasion and tear resistance
    • Good physical mechanics in a wide range of hardness from 20 Shore A to 60 Shore D
    • Good resistance to oils and environmental conditions
    • Excellent dynamic properties at high loads and speeds
    • Many processing methods
    • Ability to chemically modify material properties for specific applications ...

    Foaming shoe 2-component polyurethane systems Exter /Urecom ® manufactured by COIM SpA (Italy) are used for the manufacture of shoe soles High Quality. The materials have excellent mechanical properties and processing advantages:

    • Versatility and ease of use
    • High abrasion resistance and durability
    • High flexibility in a wide temperature range up to -30C
    • Resistant to environmental influences: hydrolysis, UV radiation, oils and solvents
    • Antistatic properties
    • Good adhesion to other materials

    It is possible to develop a unique formulation of the material for the specific requirements of a large customer for free.

    Good физико-механика in the wide range of твердостейfrom 20 Blinders And to 60 Blinders of Ä
    High indexes of flexibility are in the wide range of temperatureto -30Ñ

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