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    Betain 41%, кокаминопропилбетаин for the production of soft soap 3402190000

    Betain 41%, кокаминопропилбетаин for the production of soft soap
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    • SKU: 76241422
    • ТН ВЭД: 3402190000
    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
    • Status: предоплата
    • Brand name: Европа

    Properties of Betaine: - Soft co-surfactant compatible with anionic / cationic / non-ionic surfactants - soft auxiliary surfactant that does not irritate the skin - one of the safest - Amphoteric, non-ionic and cationic substances are referred to auxiliary surfactants. They are necessary in shampoo formulations to increase the compatibility of basic (anionic) surfactants with skin and hair, increase foaming properties, regulate viscosity, and reduce the degreasing effect. - Amphoteric surfactant. - Reduces the irritating effect of other surfactants - In combination with anionic surfactants, it becomes a thickener, improves foaming ability and increases the harmlessness of formulations - Has good cleansing and foaming properties - Has conditioning and antistatic properties - Used in bio-cosmetics - Mild cleaner, used in combination with stronger surfactants - prevents the formation of a static electric charge in the hair. - conditioning agent that makes it easier to comb dry and damp hair. - Provides pleasant cleansing, lathering and good hair and skin care. - compatible with all types of surfactants (surfactants), can be used as the main surfactant; - foam stabilizer - Its combination with anionic surfactants leads to a significant improvement in the dermatological qualities of the final product. - Can be used as the main surfactant

    Areas of application: - liquid soaps, - cleansers for baby skin, - cleansing creams and face gels, - hair conditioners, - hair conditioners-balms - suitable for use in compositions for washing, cosmetics, foaming compositions. - It is used as an active additive in liquid, pasty, detergents, washing and cleaning products. - Has good foaming and cleaning properties, increases viscosity. - shower gels - shampoos - bath foams - cleansing lotions for the face - hand soaps - cleansers for children - toothpastes - tooth powders - additive to liquid and solid soaps. Improves their application properties. - can be used both in formulations that do not contain additional surfactants, and with the latter.

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