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    Additives for the diesel fuel of AdMiles 9031809800

    Additives for the diesel fuel of AdMiles
    Additives for the diesel fuel of AdMiles
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    Additives for the diesel fuel of AdMiles
    Additives for the diesel fuel of AdMiles
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    Additives for diesel fuel "AdMiles"

    When refueling a car, the driver does not know how high-quality diesel fuel he will get, and the engine operation depends on it. And if the car suddenly began to obey poorly, and too black smoke with soot comes out of the exhaust pipe, 95% of the matter is in low-quality fuel. In addition, the consumption of "food" will be much higher. A radical way out is to sort out and flush the engine, removing the remains of bad diesel fuel. But you can do it easier - buy additives for diesel fuel and significantly improve its quality.

    cetane number correctors in fuel; antigel correctors - additives to prevent malfunctions at low temperatures; additives to increase engine power; additives for flushing the fuel system.

    As for universal additives - they improve the quality of diesel fuel in terms of several parameters at once, helping to save fuel and protecting the engine from interference in operation.To solve each specific problem, it is better to use the appropriate types of diesel fuel additives, but it is better to always have a universal option with you.It does not take up much space, but it can be useful in the most unexpected moment.

    When and what types of additives are best used?

    Makes fuel efficient and cleaner, significantly reducing emissions. Protects and extends the life of the fuel system even if the fuel in the car is of poor quality. Reduces system noise and vibration, thermal and mechanical stress on the engine. < img src = "" /> Significantly increases octane and cetane (depending on fuel) number, reducing the amount of soot and smoke in the exhaust.

    A pure additive without additional impurities that can damage the operation of the engine and fuel system - this is AdMiles. It is quite economical - only 40 ml of additive needs to be added to 10 liters of diesel fuel, and half of it is needed for 10 liters of gasoline. Therefore, for 100 liters, 400 ml of additive for diesel fuel and 200 ml for gasoline, respectively, are required. AdMiles always gives more than expected.

    Tip: It is better to mix fuel with the additive 12 or more hours before use - so the quality of the fuel will be significantly higher and the efficiency is greater.

    The answer to the question of where to buy additives for diesel fuel , obvious - only in proven companies that value their reputation. Our AdMiles nanocarbon composite additive is sold in 1 and 3.5 liter bottles.

    Packing1 litre
    Typeadditives for a diesel fuel
    Volume1000 мл

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