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    Functional mixture for sausages
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    Functional mixture for sausages

    Any sausage should be moderately fat, tasty, appetizing. Therefore, the minced meat that it consists of must be cooked correctly. And without an additional emulsifier, it will creep, excess fat will appear on the shell, the finished product will not attract buyers. Therefore, our store offers a large selection of special formulations. Functional blend in sausage is required if the output is expected to meet customer expectations.

    What blends are there?

    Various degrees binding of the fatty component, hydration, consistency and stability of the mixtures make it possible to choose exactly the one which fully meets the requirements of the technology for the manufacture of a certain type of sausage products. So, for minced meat, which should be quite dense, but at the same time plastic, a complex functional mixture is used. It is popular among our customers and retains the declared properties until the end of the production process, besides, its price is quite loyal

    Another functional mixture makes the composition for making sausages more "airy", reminiscent of cream ... But in the process it becomes somewhat denser.

    If you need a fairly firm consistency, you should order the third version of the emulsion. It is suitable for making artificial ham or bacon.

    The fourth is a composition for making low-fat types of sausages. It consists of protein components and dietary fiber. They bind excess fat and the sausage is almost dietary.

    The fifth option is responsible for the even distribution of the fat emulsion and the removal of its excess. Such a mixture improves the quality of sausage meat, removes broth drips.

    If the necessary mixture, which would ideally meet your requirements, is not found in the warehouse, our technologists can draw up an individual version especially for the customer.

    What else can our company offer?

    Some inexperienced employees of sausage shops underestimate the importance of such compositions in minced meat, they say that they are not needed. But essentially, what is functional blend ? This is the component thanks to which sausages are readily bought, as they have an attractive appearance and excellent taste. And in addition to the selection of such mixtures, our store is ready to offer components for other stabilizers. These are:

    • Preservatives.
    • Flavor enhancers.
    • Stabilizers.
    • Texturers.
    • Humectants.
    • Food grade phosphate mixtures.
    • Fatty acid monoglycerides.
    • Citrates.
    • Carrageenans.
    • >
    • Any gum (xanthan, guar, locust bean and other types).
    • CMC.
    • Sodium alginate.
    • Agar-agar.
    • Food fibers.
    • gluten
    • pea fiber
    • Phosphate substances.
    • lactic acid
    • Emulsifiers and so on.

    We provide products of excellent quality and at affordable prices. The low cost is due to the large amount of raw materials in the purchase. Manufacturing companies often offer additional discounts when purchasing large quantities of goods.

    Products in the warehouse are packaged in 25 kg bags made of multilayer paper. Each contains a special insert to remove excess moisture. Shelf life - 12 months in original packaging. Highly functional raw materials and competent composition of functional mixtures make them truly high quality - our professional technologists are responsible for this. Advisory services are available to you on any issue related to our products. We will help you formulate the mixture correctly, select the ingredients and do everything to ensure that your expectations are not deceived. Thanks to our additives, your brand's products will stand out from your competitors. The whole range of food additives E in our warehouse, we are waiting for you!

    Compositioncomplex phosphatic mixture for sausage of meat products

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