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    Glycerin monostearate: properties, methods of application

    Glycerin monostearate - a surfactant related to emulsifiers that do not form ions in an aqueous medium, is often used as a cosmetic agent. Produced from raw materials of organic origin, it can create direct emulsions, but at the same time it is used as a thickener for inverse emulsions.

    The substance has a low level of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance, due to which it can reduce this indicator in cosmetic composition, which includes. Glycerin monostearate in cosmetics can also be used to disperse pigments and fillers, to dissolve lecithin.

    Glycerin is produced during metabolism as a byproduct, and in small quantities by cells in the body. On an industrial scale, the substance is extracted from hexadecanoic, octadecanoic acid, which in turn are extracted from palm oil and other natural fats.

    Glycerin monostearate in the food industry is used as a food additive, natural emulsifier, plasticizing agent. In the pharmaceutical industry - for the production of protective films of hygroscopic drugs.

    Main properties

    In appearance they resemble a waxy powder with fine granules. Other physical and chemical characteristics:

    · Color: white with a yellowish tinge.

    · Smell: not specific, does not have a strong expression.

    · Taste: slightly sweet.

    · Melting point: about 65 degrees on average.

    · Indicator of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance: in range from 3.6 to 4.2.

    · Hydrogen index: from 6.8 to 8.2. It is not recommended to change Ph towards acidity, as this can lead to a decrease in the stability of emulsifying properties.

    · Solubility: tends to dissolve in hot non-volatile oils of natural origin, ethyl alcohol, trichloromethane, dimethyl ketone, ether.

    · Insoluble in water, but shows dispersibility when added with a low percentage of surfactants.

    · Does not apply to toxic substances.

    · The percentage of glycerin monostearate in cosmetics ranges from 2 to 10, for example:

    In the composition of moisturizing products for the face and body, hair conditioners, scrubs, the percentage of its content is on average 5 as an emulsifier - up to 10.

    · In night face creams - up to 10 percent as a co-emulsifier, and as an emulsifier - up to 25.

    Glycerin monostearate during the production of cosmetic products, the product is introduced into the fat phase and heated at a temperature not exceeding 65 degrees Celsius.

    The substance rarely causes allergic reactions in people, but owners of sensitive skin should first test the product for a small area of ​​the skin. Choose a cool, dry place to store glycerin.


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