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    Adipic acid

    You are wondering what is adipic acid , how it is obtained and how it is used - then our publication will definitely be useful to you. Most often it can be found on the packaging of various products and confectionery - it is encoded under the abbreviation of the additive E355.

    The main properties of adipic acid are similar to those characteristic of all diacids. It should be noted that this substance decarboxylates if the ambient temperature exceeds 300C. Interestingly, small amounts of adipic acid are found naturally in sugar cane and beetroot.

    Adipic acid - chemical properties :

    • the molar mass of the substance is 146 , 14 g / mol;

    which C6H10O4, as a result of the esterification process decomposes into di- and monoesters. It forms polyesters when interacting with dihydric alcohols, polyesters are formed, with ammonia and amines, it forms ammonium salts. If you evaporate excess moisture from its crystals, you end up with adipamides.

    This substance is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid, which consists of very small colorless crystals. They have a slight sour taste, and they have no smell.

    Adipic acid dissolves perfectly in methanol, ethanol and acetone, but such an interaction reaction is not possible in acetic acid. Its crystals are poorly soluble in petroleum ether, cyclohexane and benzene. Adipic acid dissolves in water in different ways - it all depends on its temperature.

    Most often, adipic acid is synthesized not in laboratory conditions, but in large industrial enterprises - it is this component that is the main component in the nylon production process. Adipic acid is also worth buying if you are engaged in the manufacture of different types of coatings, polymers, detergents.

    Adipic acid: application and features of use

    Most often, adipic acid is found in various food products, namely confectionery. Due to its special properties, it prevents premature spoilage of products, regulates their acidity and slows down the process of their oxidation when interacting with oxygen. Adipic acid is added to caramel by soft drinks that do not contain alcohol, even for a small enterprise, it is also used for:

    • obtaining complex chemicals - in these reactions it acts as either an intermediate link or a monomer;

    • manufacturing consumables for putty, shoe soles;

    • regulating the pH level in the manufacture of cleaning and detergents;

    • processing natural leather.

    Adipic acid is often found in the composition of products that are used to cleanse and disinfection of drinking water.

    Adipic acid, hazard class of which is 3, is low-toxic, only its dust is explosive. It is officially allowed to be eaten - only its overdose in food can cause harm to human health.

    When it enters the respiratory tract, an intense cough begins, the throat becomes inflamed - it becomes very red and dry, and breathing becomes difficult. If adipic acid accidentally gets into your eyes, you will feel severe pain. Crystals of this acid also act aggressively on the epidermis - the skin becomes inflamed and reddens.

    Why is adipic acid so popular? The secret lies in the fact that it is allowed to be transported not only in tanks specially provided for this, but also in bags, moreover, by any type of transport. Thus, the cost of delivering the substance to a preselected location is much easier and cheaper.

    Most often, adipic acid is transported in bags made of several multi-layer paper elements, as well as polyester liners. Sometimes the acid is packed in bags, which are made of a laminated 5-layer material - it is not impregnated with anything else. The temperature at the place of storage of the substance should not exceed 50 C.

    You can buy adipic acid in Kiev at a bargain price both wholesale and retail.

    Packinga sack is 25 kg

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