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    Fish meal for feed 2301200000

    Fish meal for feed
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2301200000
    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
    • Brand name: Импорт

    Fish meal for feed

    protein content 64%

    packing - bags 25 kg

    production - Euro Union

    Buy fishmeal wholesale in Ukraine

    The product developer focused on the know-how of how to process fish waste. The technological process includes the use of a flexible method of thermophilic bio-fermentation, as well as high-tech equipment. The technology involves the use of various temperature and speed modes, types of raw materials, which ultimately makes it possible to change the parameters of the finished product.

    The method of processing fish waste complies with the norms established by veterinary and sanitary standards. In addition, the manufacturer also conducts microbiological analyzes, which confirm the compliance of the feed fishmeal with regulatory requirements.

    Among the main advantages of feed flour are:

    В· Reducing the cost of the product;

    В· Content of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins;

    В· Significant increase in weight gain;

    В· Absence of any additives (feed flour is produced only on the basis of organic raw materials);

    В· The protein content ranges from 32 to 65%, the flour also meets the required parameters of moisture, fat content, etc .;

    В· Guarantee of microbiological purity.

    The cost of fishmeal in Ukraine

    The cost of the finished product depends on many factors. Nevertheless, the manufacturer strives to maintain a fixed price so that the product is beneficial to the buyer both in terms of quality and price of fishmeal.

    Basic quality parameters

    One of the main indicators is the percentage of protein, which is determined based on the wishes of the buyer. The manufacturer offers two types of products:

    1. Crude protein at 32% - 12% lower than the standard dictates. In this case, for the production of feed meal, the tail and heads were used, and not the whole fish (tail, carcass and head, which contain protein) as prescribed in the norms.

    2. Crude protein with an indicator of 45% or more. The whole fish carcass with the addition of blood meal was used in the production.

    The percentage of moisture is 8.

    The fat content of flour with a protein level of 32% is 17% fish oil, and with an indicator of 45%, the fat content is 18%. At the same time, the fat is easily digestible. After the completion of the fermentation process, the fat is not oxidized, therefore, no compound feed is added to the finished product, which contains a high percentage of stabilizers and antioxidants.

    Fat acid index 7 - 12%

    Calcium content at 6% and phosphorus at 1.8%

    Digestibility of products, which consists of two indicators - actual digestibility from 90% and solubility not less than 70%. The indicators are determined by the production technology (fermentation).

    Dosage Methods for Pets:

    В· Chickens (in the composition of the basic feed - 7% of the mass of feed, and in the composition of the finished feed - 3%. For adult birds, the finishing indicator of compound feed is from 2 to 3%.

    В· Piglets (4 - 10 weeks) in the starting (basic) feed no more than 5%, and for piglets from 10 weeks - 3%. For sows the rate is 2-10%.

    В· Cattle no more than 10%.

    Warranty and basic storage methods

    The quality of the finished feed meal is confirmed by certificates. The shelf life of products is 1 year, a longer period may lead to an increase in the acidity index. During the year, this parameter remains at the level of 7 - 10%. Storage of fishmeal requires a ventilated, dry storage area with no direct sunlight.

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