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    Egg white albumin Among inexpensive proteins, albumin is the highest quality protein source. Egg white powder is made from fresh eggs, from which the yolks are separated (due to the presence of fat and cholesterol in them). When whipped, it has much better qualities, than traditional chic..
    250.00 грн.
    The best in terms of microbiological indicators was ... the "Economic" soap! Even fuel oil washes away - what can bacteria do here) "Dirt is not fat, rubbed and lagged behind!" - said Mister Pronka in the famous cartoon. Are there many in our time who want to get rid of dirt in such an exotic way..
    7.00 грн.
    New in production, bath soap with a pleasant aroma. For price and delivery, please contact the sales department. CONTACTS Here you can carry out a complex purchase of goods, both for production, and for subsequent sale. We always have in our assortment caustic soda (caustic soda, caustic soda..
    8.00 грн.
    Бренд: Собственное производство Packaging: тонна
    Slaked lime / quicklime / fluff / lime dough / hydrated / air / calcium lime Dear Sirs! We offer you an assortment of building lime ... Lime sold from our warehouse will satisfy the highest requirements for this product in terms of quality indicators. Our lime is ideal both for household whit..
    2 000.00 грн.
    soda ash, liquid caustic soda, calcium carbide, calcium chloride, food salt, technical salt, extra salt, table salt, ammonium salt, calcium nitrate, amino acids, feed additives, sodium formate, potassium sorbate, cation exchangers, aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate..
    7.00 грн.
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    ATTENTION! SHIPMENT FROM 20 TONS !!! Sugar, granulated sugar or refined sugar (sugar in the form of cubes) is the common name for sucrose. Shipment from 20 tons The homeland of sugar is India, where it is were made from sugar cane, and in Russia the production of sugar from domes..
    1.00 грн.
    Mustard oil: properties and effects on the body Mustard first became known in China. From there, the plant migrated to Europe and India. In the vastness of our country, mustard was considered a weed for a long time, until its beneficial properties were discovered, which were used in cosmetology..
    28.00 грн.
    Бренд: Собственное производство Packaging: тонна
    Известь гашеная/негашеная/пушонка/известковое тесто/известь гидратная/воздушная/кальциевая Уважаемые господа! Предлагаем Вашему вниманию известь строительную в ассортименте. Известь реализуемая с нашего склада по качественным показателям удовлетворит самые высокие требования к данному продукту. Наш..
    2 000.00 грн.
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