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    Peroxyacetic acid, пероксиуксусная acid, перуксусная acid, NUK
    -6 %
    Бренд: Украина Packaging: 20 литров
    37. Peracetic acid is prepared by gradually adding acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to water containing sulfuric acid as a catalyst. The resulting mixture is kept for up to ten days to increase the yield. You can also use acetyl chloride or acetic anhydride to obtain NAA. Peracetic acid is al..
    900.00 грн. 850.00 грн.
    A peroxigen is medical 60 % tanks are 20 kg
    -9 %
    Бренд: Інтер-Синтез Packaging: Канистра
    Promotion !!! When buying 10 canisters of hydrogen peroxide, you get a gift of 5 liters hand sanitizer "Kovisept" Hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of swimming pools is recommended by experts You need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of pools, because algae, bacteria and pathogens ra..
    1 100.00 грн. 1 000.00 грн.
    Antiseptic of "Kovisept" maintenance of alcohol 70% 5 litres
    -10 %
    PRICE OF 1 CANISTER - 450 UAH SALE FROM 1 CANISTER, SEND BY "NEW MAIL" antiseptic KOVISEPT in cans of 5 liters on an alcohol basis antiseptic, sanitizer, antiseptic and disinfectant for the skin, antimicrobial agents for hands alcohol content 70% production: Ukraine 5 li..
    500.00 грн. 450.00 грн.
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