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    Dear customers, due to changes in currency quotes, the cost of some goods may change daily. To clarify the current price, call the sales department

    The price does not change for the goods that were prepaid.

    Thank you for understanding!

    Everything is much simpler, call the sales department, a team of specialists will offer the most reasonable prices and deliver the goods as soon as possible. And if you need something that we do not have in stock, our consultants will tell you where to buy the necessary goods at the lowest prices.

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    Dear Customers!

    Note! Wholesale prices are indicated on the SODA.KIEV.UA website, please check the retail price of products in the sales department. We sincerely value retail buyers, but unfortunately, when ordering for one bag of goods, we do not have the opportunity to provide the buyer with a wholesale price, which applies to consignments of 20 tons and above.

    When forming the wholesale price for the buyer, the following factors are taken into account:

    Purchase volume

    Duration of cooperation

    ·         Terms of payment

    Full container delivery on request

    Thank you for understanding!

    Dear Customers!

    You can purchase any item from the bag. If you want to buy products in quantities of 1 kilogram or more, please check the availability of the required packaging in the sales department

    Delivery of goods is carried out from 0.5 kg; courier services. Goods over 300 kg are delivered by road, over 64 tons - by rail. We also have vehicles with a carrying capacity from 2 tons to 22 tons, tank trucks for bulk chemicals, acids and other dangerous goods. In our fleet there are fuel trucks from 20 cubic meters, delivery of both diesel fuel and N-Hexane is possible.

    For all questions regarding cooperation, please contact:

    (066) 044-57-00, (096) 351-73-61, (063) 568-04-65, (044) 568-04-65