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    Ethyl alcohol is an effective agent for combating pathogens Ethyl alcohol is one of the most commonly used disinfectants, all due to its affordable price and a small list of contraindications. Ethyl alcohol: properties medicinal product Alcohol is included in the list of drugs with a d..
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    Kisneviy відбілювач N³mechchina
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    0.5 kg packaging Sour vibiluvach OXYPERВ® : warehouse and main characteristics of speech Kisnevy vibiliuvach is an efficient and effective response, which allows it to be practically used as a beach without the need to store strong chemicals. Establishments for an ecologic warehouse ..
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    Acetone well dissolves many organic substances, in particular, acetyl and nitrocelluloses, waxes, alkaloids, and so on, as well as a number of salts. Acetone is formed during acetone (acetone-butyl) fermentation of carbohydrates caused by Bacillus acetobutylicus. As a result, acetone and butanol ..
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    Here you can buy hydrochloric acid solution 13% - is not a precursor, in cans of 10 liters as well as in cubes and in bulk, we also deliver by tank trucks of our own fleet. Hydrochloric acid in cans is also sent by courier services, the canisters are completely hermetically sealed and spillage ..
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    Sodium inosinate (food additive E631 Inosinate of sodium) is the sodium salt of inosinic acid. Molecular formula of the substance: C 10 H 11 N 2 Na 2 O 8 P ... In nature, it is found in large quantities in some species of animals, such as pigs and fish. Sodium Inosinate is register..
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    Chloramine B (Chloraminum B) ..
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    A petrol tanker is delivery of diesel
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    Dear customers! We bring to your attention the services of fuel trucks of our own fleet, we deliver diesel fuel, n-hexane, gasoline, alcohols, solvents. Payment for the round trip, to find out the exact cost of freight of a fuel truck, please call the sales department. When purchasing diesel fuel ..
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    Hydrogen peroxide 60% canister 12 kg Promotion !!! When you buy 10 canisters of hydrogen peroxide, you get 5 liters as a gift hand sanitizer "Kovisept" To clean the pool, pour 0.5 liters of 60% peroxide per 1 cubic meter of water, photo of canisters from our warehouse. Cleanin..
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    Cheap liquid soap, soap from a warehouse in Kiev and delivery across Ukraine Liquid soap from a warehouse in Kiev, order by phone CONTACTS . It is possible to buy cheap liquid soap not only in Kiev but also with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our soap is inexpensive but has a high quality and plea..
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    Acetic acid food grade Acetic acid: what it is and where it is used Acetic acid has found wide application in various industrial and household sectors. For a number of organic compounds, it is a solvent. The substance is soluble in water in various ratios, and in a dry state it has high h..
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    stearin is a solid bead-shaped product (microgranules, see photo), white, odorless, vegetable origin, does not dissolve in water and ethanol. The melting point of refractory stearin is about 60 В° C (at least 59 В° C). Adding this stearin to the candlestick composition gives the following resu..
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