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    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування 2915210000

    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
    надуксусная кислота інструкція із застосування
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    Peracetic acid: beneficial properties and uses
    What is peracetic acid and what is it used for? It is an aqueous solution that contains 20 to 25% hydrogen peroxide, 18 to 30% acetic acid and 9 to 15% stabilized peracetic acid. It is used for disinfection work at various types of industrial enterprises, in the field of trade, transport and public catering, as well as in agriculture.
    Peracetic acid: instructions for use and basic characteristics
    This chemical is in the form of a clear liquid, its color ranges from completely colorless to bright straw. Peracetic acid has a strong acetic odor.
    The main properties of the chemical:
    • peracetic acid mixes well with water in any proportion;
    • the density of the acid is from 1.110 to 1.1130 g / cm3;
    • at low temperatures does not freeze and retains all useful properties;
    • its pH level is close to neutral.
    Peracetic acid is worth buying because this type of acid will easily remove fat, protein and mechanical types of dirt. It rinses off perfectly from all types of surfaces, leaving no residue on them.
    The main feature of this product is that it disinfects perfectly, and at the same time is environmentally friendly. All components of the spent solutions of peracetic acid do not harm the environment or human health and decompose quickly. Importantly, working solutions of peracetic acid may be used repeatedly.
    Its disinfecting ability significantly increases when heated from +40 to +500 degrees. They persist even when the temperature reaches +900 degrees.
    Peracetic acid: the use of a substance for disinfection
    It is possible to use peracetic acid, disinfection with which is extremely effective, it is possible to process various types of objects made of glass, rubber, corrosion-resistant metal, wood, polymers, porcelain, tiles, faience, enamel, epoxy resin. It is used for sanitary cleaning of surfaces with galvanic, paint and varnish and polymer coating. The only exceptions are objects made of non-ferrous metals.
    Peracetic acid solution has no selective antimicrobial action. It has a very strong bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral activity. It can be used to disinfect all types of surfaces and destroy mold and yeast fungi, streptococci, influenza viruses, poliviruses, salmonella, staphylococci, tubercle bacillus, E. coli, as well as spore-forming bacteria.
    Also, its use prevents the appearance on the surfaces of strains of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora that is resistant to the effects of a disinfectant.
    Features of the use of peracetic acid
    According to the main characteristics of its toxicity, this type of disinfectant belongs to moderately dangerous agents for human life and health.
    Solutions of peracetic acid, which will not be difficult to make with your own hands, at a concentration of 0.005 to 1.5% do not have any harmful effects on the skin and mucous membranes. Solutions with a concentration slightly higher than 3% can cause severe peeling of the skin, as well as irritate the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and eyes.
    Peracetic acid: how to make a working solution yourself
    It is recommended to prepare the solution immediately before using it. It is allowed to use solutions with an active substance concentration in the range of 0.1-1.5% or from 0.012 to 0.18%.
    The treatment of various surfaces and equipment with such a disinfection solution is possible in any of the ways - immersion, circulation, irrigation, or the use of CIP systems. The duration of this process is on average 5 to 40 minutes at a temperature of 1 to 35 degrees. After such treatment, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the disinfected surfaces with clean water.
    Sanitary treatment of individual objects and entire premises must certainly be carried out in full compliance with the rules approved by the Ministry of Health for each of the industries separately.
    You can buy peracetic acid in Ukraine from us at a time convenient for you. We offer favorable conditions for ordering chemical reagents, their high quality and prompt delivery to anywhere in our country.
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